2012 Impressions

2012 has catapulted me into motherhood and across the ocean.  My identity has changed from a full-time employee/student to a full-time homemaker/mom.  Talk about adjustments!   Life, with its twirling and swirling roads, has taken my breath away several times these past four months.  From discovering my new home turf, to meeting friends with great ideas, to keeping myself busy with classes and projects (this blog), twenty-twelve has proven challenging, yet oh-so-rewarding.  Here’s a peek back at some of my favorite places, faces, and products I’ve discovered in January and February.  March and April coming soon.


Burning the last of Diptyque candle over wine/packing for Malta. Sigh.

Old view from our apartment in Milwaukee. Choo chooooo + lovely old buildings.

Milo’s cute clothes that no longer fit… H&M suspenders onesie.

Favorite find: Fieldguided shop. (moon print)


Malta’s superb knockers… ;) Seriously, from fish to elephant heads, these door handle designs continue to awe me.

Going to Gozo. Malta’s 2nd largest island is home to beautiful scenery.

Gozitian glass.

Carnival in Valletta. Super fun place to go in February.

Maltese Sweets

Favorite Find: Bringing up Bébé