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There are many people who used to believe in the precious metals, particularly gold and silver. Due to several years of poor price action from the metals, many have lost hope and have tried their luck in other investments. Matt Badiali is one of the few investors who still sees value in both gold and silver. He feels both metals are undervalued and are going to be priced higher, rewarding patient investors. About Matt Badiali, he made his living as a geologist for over twenty years. Part of his geology education consisted of learning about the important factors that drove the supply and demand fundamentals of commodities. According to Matt both gold and silver may endure some more short-term pain, but in the long run, the fundamentals will ultimately play out, and investors who were patient enough to hold will be rewarded well.

The US dollar has appreciated very well this year, but this is usually not good for commodities. The dollar continuing to strengthen has been part of the reason that gold and silver have not done well. There are also numerous geological issues around the business world that are keeping investors worried. As long as the US dollar is perceived as a safe asset to hold, investors will continue to buy and hold dollars, which will continue to add to US dollar strength. Matt Badiali says that cryptocurrencies captured a lot of investment money that would have traditionally entered the precious metal’s market, which also was bad for gold and silver.

Matt Badiali feels that eventually, US dollar strength will not weigh so heavily on gold and silver. One trend he sees continuing over the coming years is that the US will keep adding to its enormous debt. This has always been very positive for gold and silver. Matt is forecasting inflation to pick up in a few years. Gold and silver will do extremely well in an inflationary environment. Mr. Badiali sees explosive gains in the precious metals industry and feels that it will be the underlying mining companies that deliver unbelievable returns. Mining shares will typically outperform the underlying commodity and allow investors to leverage a precious metals position.


George Soros‘ foundation has not been on the good side of Russia. Due to the sanctions put on Russia, the country has decided to put a ban on the Open Society Foundations set up by George Soros. To go along with the ban, Russia has decided to burn all of the books that were related in any way to George Soros’s charity. This act was met with disappointment from the Open Society Foundation. They have pointed out that Russia has been happy with the contributions of the charity.

One factor in the conflict was the new set of laws that have been put in place which inclued the Minsk agreement that went into effect sometime in 2015. However, the agreement was rather ambiguous. As a result, two opposing sides were forced to just wait for the other side to make the next move. Fortunately, this was addressed rather quickly. There was a law that was passed that cleared up the confusing parts of the Minsk agreement. However, this resulted in a financial issue for President Putin. The funds were starved in order to get him to hold elections that are compliant with the law of the Ukraine.

However, the Ukraine is likely to develop a winning strategy with careful analysis of everything that went wrong. As of right now, the EU should be looking for ways to protect and preserve the new Ukraine. There should be efforts made to make sure that the new Ukraine is successful. The key to making sure the European Union is in good shape is to make sure that the Russian menace is not able to have its way with the Ukraine. All of the other issues will be resolved if the Russian menace is handled effectively.

One thing that could assure the success of the Ukraine is the analysis. The only problem is the strength of the Russian military under Vladimir Putin. President Putin could use excessive force in order to show its strength to the Ukraine. When it comes to force, the Ukraine does not have a good chance against Russia. There is a second part of the winning strategy that is needed so that the Ukraine can guarantee its success against the forces of Russia. Ukraine needs allies that are determined to do everything it takes to make sure that the Ukraine is able to come out on top and implement the new reforms.

George Soros is obviously in support of the Ukraine, and he gives his support to Angela Merkel because he believes that Germany has the ultimate solution to the issues that are facing the EU. Right now, the EU is barely holding it together due to all of the other crises that have taken place that have brought a lot of problems even with some of the efforts made to bring improvements.



Just about every family in Brazil has someone who owns their own business, usually in the retail sales arena. Throw a rock and you will hit a fount of sagely administered business advice. It seems that all South Americans have plenty of unsolicited advice to purvey, private jewels that they claim to live by, and for a quite nominal fee they will let you have access to this valuable advice. Ah, everyone has an angle. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours is the name of the game there.

However, when it comes to real business savvy in South America, you must turn to Igor Cornelsen. Besides embodying the human encyclopedia of business and finance, he seems to possess a special ‘second sight’ that enables him to master business relationships and effective networking. If that is not enough, he is equally the resource to approach when knowledge about the huge number of Brazil’s sub-cultures. Igor Cornelsen on whitepages has employed all of this amazing acumen to grow tight relationships with the upper-crust of Brazilian society. When asked about this, Igor Cornelsen replies, “Be sure to connect with the natives.”

Mr. Igor Cornelsen built his stellar reputation as a builder, mover, shaker, and investing legend upon his deep understanding of Brazil’s small business environment.

Even today, he offers the advantages of his advice, based upon long and varied market experience. The general opinion by the majority of business experts in the South American export markets is that Mr. Igor Cornelsen is a quite shrewd and gutsy investor, especially in the agricultural sector. He is seen as the major player in Brazil’s busy export business. His standard practice is to develop detailed profiles for his clients and requires them to read and study them. He makes the study of these profiles mandatory for any of his foreign clients.

Whenever anyone asks Igor how this has all come about, how he became such an influencer, he says, “Be ready for some red tape… Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end.”