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Want to earn a fortune by working smart instead of working hard? Well, Igor Cornelsen, who is an exceptional investor advisor has some worthy advice and investment strategies to share. Igor says that through passive income you cannot only earn smartly for yourself but also build a bridge for your generations.

One of the most popular investors of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen suggest that money can be earned in many ways. Such as investing, real estate, stock, bonds, and business, etc. But first, one must be very confident and well-informed about the economy they are going to deal with.

Let’s see how Igor Cornelsen took flight? Igor was born in 1947 in Brazil and raised there. He received his degree in Engineering in federal university. During that time (around 1960s) Igor Cornelsen was hired to work at a bank, and his computing skills earned him a promotion, and he became one of the members of the Board of Directors. The next thing? In the year 1976, he appointed as the CEO of Multibanco, which a big deal for a lad who completed college just six years ago. In the year 1978, the bank faced closure as it was sold.

Igor Cornelsen worked in other various organizations after that but left due to one reason or the other. As Igor got involved with the stock market—it opened a new perspective for him. And in 1995 he stopped working for other firms and instead built his own. As a financial investor, Igor Cornelsen rules the Brazilian market. And how did he earned position? Through smart strategies and utilizing the big trends smartly. Over the experience of working as an employee and then for his own firm, he has developed the kind of expertise that every investor yearn for such competent knowledge.

Well, currently main offices of his firms are operated in the Bahamas, where it provides long-term investment plans and other similar services to companies. Additionally, Bainbridge Investment Inc. also tracks investment strategies. His knowledge has great worth in the market!