Kria Collection: A Study In Bone

Jewelry is given a fresh, organic look with Icelandic designer Johanna Methusalemsdottir’s line, Kria.  Inspired by her homeland, Methusaleemsdottir extends the life of ‘dead’ sea and land creatures by making their bones into beautiful jewelry.  Her current home in Brooklyn isn’t exactly littered with these delicate skeletons.  Luckily, her friends from the island country help out by sending them over–crawfish claws and torsos, fish jaws, bird vertebrae, teeny tiny femurs, even sheep teeth!– anything they find lying about.  Methusalemsdottir then coats the bones with silver, brass, or gold for a truly lovely, natural piece. Her current collection is dedicated to the cod fish, a very important animal in Icelandic culture and history.

Would you wear a piece of jewelry which was once another living being?  I think it’s really beautiful to be able to use these material remains left behind… especially when they are as pretty as these!

P.S. I just finished Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’– So good!  It half took place in (and under) Iceland and so these pieces really got to me as I was reading about crustaceans and centuries-old inhabitants of Iceland.  Have you ever been to Iceland?