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Today, you may be spoilt for choice with lip balms, but the scenario was not so earlier. For decades, just a few brands ruled the roost and faced no competition or challenge from any other brands. Then the scene changed seven years ago when EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm started popping itself on the shelves of reputed stores like, Ulta, Target, and others. The brand soon started leaving others behind, and presently, it has left even the industry giant Chapstick far behind.



The entire development and marketing strategy of the EOS lip balm was the brainchild of players hailing from both the corporate as well as startup worlds. Much later, in their interview with Fast Company, they revealed how their team had realized that while women were bigger buyers of a lip balm than men, there was little brand loyalty or any specific care about the products that women purchased.



Women who bought Chapstick and the other main brands revealed of disliking the clinical taste and the feel of the lip balm that they were using. It was because then the lip balm was viewed largely as a medicinal product. Furthermore, women were resigned to finding their lip balm tubes lost in their purses but still thought dipping fingers in pots of lip balm as gross.



Then EOS lip balm presented them with an eye-catching sphere shape product that would glide sensuously on the lips. The brand put a lot of care and thought in its development and engaged all the five senses of humans. They even ensured that the clicking sound of the sphere while opening and closing it was pleasant to the senses. The product first made its public appearance on the shelves of Walgreens, useful link here, and later on shelves of other stores. It made Sephora to produce their knock-off lip balm then. Soon celebrities like Taylor Swift were endorsing EOS. But the bottom line remains that EOS success is the ultimate fruit of research, smart and creative product development and finally smart advertising campaign on



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