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EOS Lip Balm Germany offers shimmering smooth lip balm that will nourish and keep your lips looking healthy. EOS Lip Balm are flavored and enriched with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant. In addition, the lip balm is enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil.


EOS makes lip balms all natural and hypoallergenic free. Therefore, even people with allergic type reactions can feel safe using EOS Lip Balm. Lips will appear incredibly smooth and soft. Follow this link for more,


Smooth Sphere lip balm comes in a variety of flavors including passion fruit, Strawberry sorbet, Blueberry and Raspberry. In addition, other flavors include summer fruit, Honeydew and sweet mint. These fabulous lip balms are reasonably priced under $5.00. Click for more.


The visibly soft lip balm includes Sweet mint, Vanilla bean as well as fresh flowers. Visibly soft lip balms provides extended moisture protection. In addition, EOS Lip Balm is 99% natural. Therefore, the product contains no harsh chemicals. The manufactures of EOS Lip Balm does not test their products on animals. The conditioning oils used in the manufacturing process make this product truly unique.


All EOS Lip Balms are 100% gluten as well as paraben free. All lip balm comes in 0.25 oz. This product has become increasing popular within Germany and the UK. The pleasant flavor as well as the reasonable price seems to attract customers. Try click to read more articles.


Best of all EOS Lip Balm products can easily be ordered on line. EOS Lip Balm can improve the appearance of your lips which will certainly get you many compliments. You can try here.