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Summer days are followed by summer nights. You want to have fun as the sun goes down. As so many people know, even at night your lips can get really dry. You want to protect your lips when you’re out with friends at a pool party or heading for the beach for a clambake on the boardwalk. You need to make sure you can dance the night away without worry that you have chapped lips. This is something that those at Evolution of Smooth know well, follow on They want you to have the best possible protection for you lips no matter where you are even when you’re on vacation or just sampling a freshly made seafood dish at that perfect bistro on the lake.


EOS Delightful Protection

If you love flavor, you’re in luck here. This is the place to find the right flavor of lip balm for any occasion. Try the blueberry acai for a delicious pop of instant flavor and protection at the same time. The passion fruit is a way to bring out your passion for summer living and summer loving. Those with a taste for something new can go for the blackberry nectar when out with friends trying a midnight watermelon cocktail or just hanging out and people watching as the sun sets. Check for more info.


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Well Designed

Each EOS lip balm has been designed with your needs in mind. When you head out on a summer evening for a date, you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for your lip balm. You want to be able to slip it into your bag and then head out. The small spheres fit right into even the smallest summer purse you have. Then all you need to do is reach for it to keep your lips fantastically moist all night long. Follow this link.


Check their page for more details.