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I have found my new favorite lip balm! The EOS Organic Smooth Sticks come in three different flavors right now, but my top flavor is Vanilla Bean, while my second favorite is Sweet Mint.

The Organic Smooth Sticks are made with all natural ingredients and are actually gluten free. They are also free of petroleum and parabens, click this site. I love finding products for my lips that are free of toxins, because I feel so much healthier about using them. It makes a big difference too, because the EOS products make my lips feel really smooth and healthy while other brands do not. The Organic Smooth Sticks are made with shea butter and vitamin E too!

The vanilla flavor is really sweet and delicious smelling. It reminds me of cupcakes! I love the way it smells, and the way it looks. It comes out as a soft, translucent coating that makes my lips look cared for and slightly shiny because they are so moist, you can buy it at The case for this product is cream colored. This lip balm is great to use when I am in the mood for a sweet treat. I like to give it as gifts too, because vanilla is a really popular flavor that most people enjoy. I have heard great responses from friends that I shared this with. They also really like the warm, rich vanilla sensations! More related article here on

I also really enjoy the Sweet Mint flavor in the Organic Sticks line. This one is so refreshing to use, and makes me feel so happy! The mint flavor is delightful but the best part about this product is the way that it makes my lips feel. I always look for lipbalms that provide lasting moisture, and this one definitely does. The miny flavor is great for times when I need a little zing of energy!

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