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Securus Technologies is a leader in its industry. The company is based out of Dallas Texas and was founded in 1986. It provides service to over 2000 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. Correctional facility communication involves many variables. Staff of the facilities need to communicate with one another as well as with the inmates. There is also a need for the inmates to communicate with people on the outside.

Securus Technologies took another step forward in the industry by obtaining an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The company received an A+ rating from the BBB. The accreditation sets Securus Technologies apart from their competition within the industry. Their services have been verified by an organization that is designed to endorse a company’s character.

Customers want to feel confident about the product that they pay money to use. A brand must be able to establish trust with their marketing. This begins by advertising exactly what services are going to be provided. Consumers are turned off by misdirection. A transparent operation makes people feel comfortable about doing business with a particular organization. A company that is highly responsive to its customers will established loyal a following. It is extremely important to safeguard individual privacy when providing communication services. Conducting business in a professional manner shows integrity to the marketplace.

Securus Technologies continues to innovate. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in patents. It ensures that the service provider will remain at the forefront of a very competitive industry. The needs of correctional facilities and inmates will evolve over time. It is important for Securus Technologies to remain vigilant about servicing the needs of its demanding clients. The Better Business Bureau in Texas has acknowledged the fact that Securus Technologies is able to deliver the services that it markets.


FreedomPop is expanding greatly to different markets. However, every company has its beginning. When FreedomPop started, it worked under a wholesale plan with Sprint. The idea was to provide free service to customers and get them to sign up for more service. This plan has turned out to be a success. There was only one issue that they had to figure out in order to get it to work. That issue was getting the devices needed to work under the plan. Fortunately, customers were able to use older devices that were signed up under Sprint. Among these devices are older Samsung Galaxy tablets and iPhones.

Their success has resulted in the expansion of their services to other countries and partnering with the worthy phone carriers in their respective countries. Also, more older devices have been programmed for FreedomPop’s services. FreedomPop also has a new phone in development that is being created for the company itself. Stephen Sokols, who is the founder of FreedomPop has spoken on the expansion. The company has gained tens of millions for domestic and international plans for expansion. Among the other topics that Stokols has spoken on was the business model of the company. He has talked about why his business was able to compete in the market as competitive as other companies in the market.

Given the success of the company, there was at least one attempt to buy it out. There were rumors of acquisitions being done with the company. However, new funding has made sure that this didn’t happen. The company has also been able to expand more so that it can gain and serve more customers with its highly affordable plans. As of right now, the plan is to continue expanding into different markets and bring about greater features while maintaining its independence as a company.

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