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There are so many ways a to do list can help you in your daily life. However, a lot of people do not know how to put one together. Here are some tips on putting together a great to do list.

One thing you should do when putting together a to do list is to put down everything you need to do on the list. You don’t want to leave it to memory because this has been known to be detrimental. This is because you are constantly thinking about tasks you need to be doing while you are doing other tasks. By writing every task down that you need to do then you can accomplish them all. You do not have worry about them while you are doing other tasks that need to be done.

Another tip to making the best to do list is to keep your lists all in one place. A lot of people put things they need to do in different places such as sticky notes, calendars, and notebooks. This is not the best thing to do. This is because there are too many places to remember to look and people often forget tasks. It’s best to keep them all in one place so you don’t forget all your tasks.

You should make your list the first thing you do. This is because in the morning we have the highest amount of energy. So getting your to do list done quickly will help you get the tasks done fast.

If you need help with some of the items on your to do list then you should check out Upwork. This great company is a freelance website. It helps business owners and other people connect with talented freelancers to get projects done. There are over three thousand five hundred different skills available for hire on this fabulous website.

Upwork offers many different freelancers with great skills on it’s website. These include writers, design, accounting, sales, marketing, virtual assistants, and more. If you are looking for a place to get your to do list done check out Upwork.


Have you been in the grocery store and seen those cute little spheres on display? Possibly seen an ad online making you curious about them? Are you wondering what they are or what it is exactly that they are able to do? Perhaps you are in the market looking for a new lip balm, something soothing, sleek, and will help make your lips super soft? EOS (Evolution of Smooth)lip balm is exactly what you are looking for!

This lip balm is hypo-allergenic, rich with vitamin E, and has jojoba oil and shea butter. EOS lip balms are also dermatologist tested, contain no parabens, and are petroleum free! Can be found in single packs, or sold in sets of 4 or 6, the price of these little lip balms are friendly on your wallet too! Available in a variety of colors, follow them on for details. They also come in a wide range of flavors too, so there is something for everyone!


Fan favorite flavors include:

Vanilla Bean

Pomegranate Raspberry

Sweet Mint

Blackberry Nectar

Coconut Milk

Vanilla Mint

Blueberry Acai

Passion Fruit

Strawberry Sorbet


Fresh Grapefruit

Summer Fruit

Honeysuckle Dew


EOS lip balms also come in an assortment of types too. Are you are searching for the perfect organic lip balm? EOS has you covered! Want a little extra shimmer and shine? Try the “Shimmer Smooth” sphere. Proceed to this page. Needing some extra protection? “Active Protection” is the way to go. Craving some simplicity with soft, smooth sensual lips? The “Visibly Soft Smooth” will be your go-to sphere. Learn more here on

Spoil your lips with EOS, the little sphere lip balms with their magnificent flavors, scents and cute little design, you’ll be happy that you did! Your lips will thank you with a smile!

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There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at your business. You might need to look at videos for your business. This will not just help you get your business name out there, but also give you more customers in the long run.

What can Videos do For Business?

There are several things videos can do for business. The biggest is to get your name out there. People will see your business and then will want to come check it out. This is more true for those that use social media to speak with customers.

Another thing you can do with videos is to use it to communicate with other people in your business. This is great for letting them know what is going on as well as making them feel like they are a part of the company. This can help boost moral and can help you to be more active with your business people.

Videos for Groups

A great thing you can do is to have video sessions with your employees and have meetings through video chat. This can also help you to connect with others in your business. This is more true if you are trying to speak with your employees that are in different areas of the world or even just the country.

You should take the time to look at what videos can do for your business. You should consider adding this to your business plan so you can get more people involved in your company and do something that is new and fun with it. Consider what software is going to do the best for your needs and how you can use it. This way you will get the most out of your Talk Fusion video creation.