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On the night of Feb 14th 2013 the sports world was shaken when one of the most famous figures in sports was accused of shooting his girlfriend. Oscar Pistorius had become a global icon with marketing contracts from some of the top sports suppliers in the world after finding fame running on so-called blades during the Paralympics. Pistorius then fought to be allowed to appear at the 2012 London Olympics, which saw him act as an inspiration for many athletes and individuals around the world. Despite the apparent success of Oscar Pistorius the shooting of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp opened up the life of the athlete to public scrutiny.

South African legal expert Brenda Wardle will soon publish an examination of the Oscar Pistorius trial, which will be known as “To Kill A Fragile Rose”. Wardle became known around the world for providing an insight into the case, and explanations of how the South African legal system works for foreign audiences. The lawyer has spent a large amount of her time during the Pistorius trial providing expert analysis for global news outlets, such as Sky and the BBC.

Wardle is in a strong position to provide expert analysis on the Pistorius case and many other legal cases as she three degrees in South African law. Prior to the outset of the Pistorius case Brenda Wardle had already become a well known figure within the South African legal world for her analysis of various legal issues, including the use of government security clearances. Even though Wardle lives a busy life in her legal career she has found the time to publish short stories and a novel, alongside her role as both a other and grandmother.

The Pistorius case has become a global sensation and continues to provide hours of news coverage as appeals continue to be heard in South African courts. The varying accounts of the mysterious shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp has continued to provide numerous theories on the truth of what occurred between the couple. Oscar Pistorius was initially sentenced to prison for culpable homicide; at the start of 2016 the athlete and prosecutors were both still appealing the decision of the court in a bid to have the sentence changed.