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For pet-owners who want to ensure their dog has the healthiest possible teeth, Nestle PurinaStore has the solution. Beneful has just released an exciting Healthy Smile line that is intended to help all dogs reduce the amount of plaque and tartar that often builds up in their teeth. Dogs need to brush their teeth just like we humans do, and this treat helps pet-owners ensure their dog brushes his/her teeth every day without that much of a hassle. These treats also help improve a dog’s bone strength, as well as improve the odor of their breath. In this article, we will take a look at the Beneful Healthy Smile product line to ensure the perfect dog gets the right treat for his/her teeth.
1. First off, Beneful offers mini Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These treats are smaller than others, so they are great for smaller dogs, or for dogs that don’t need the overindulgence of big-sized treats. These mini ridges have meaty middles and are sprinkled with a bit of parsley.

2. There is also a variety of Healthy Smile Dental Ridges that is intended for small/medium dogs. These treats are slightly larger than the first ones, but they do contain the same flavor of real meat and parsley.

3. Of course, Beneful also offers this same flavor for the big dogs as well. These large Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are for larger adult dogs that need the larger size to give all of their teeth a truly great cleaning. Depending on how big the dog is will generally determine what size ridges are right for the dog.

4. However, the Healthy Smile line does not end with just these meat/parsley ridges. Beneful also offers a wonderful Healthy Smile Dental Twists line. These twists have real peanut butter flavor with parsley. On these twists customers can see the green parsley swirling around the brown peanut butter flavor. This product has the same powerful anti-plaque and anti-tartar abilities of the ridges. There are also three different sizes available for different dogs: small, small/medium, and large.

All these products can be ordered online via Amazon.
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