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Kisling Nestico & Redick is a full-service law firm based in Akron, Ohio. The law firm has specialized its practice in providing sophisticated injury law representation to its clients in this state. As a result of excellence in its practice, the firm has amerced itself the reputation being one of the leading personal injury firms in the state due to its top-notch personal service and expansive knowledge of the insurance industry. In addition to this, Kisling Nestico & Redick boasts of extensive legal experience in personal injury claims that help them provide the best services to its clients.

Apart from providing industry-leading injury legal services, Kisling Nestico & Redick also puts a lot of emphasis in philanthropy. The law firm has been part of numerous charity efforts throughout its existence. Recently this Ohio-based law firm made food donations to students of Greenbriar Middle School. The food donation of $1200 comprised of 60 bags filled with essential food items including bread, fresh fruit, macaroni, peanut butter, cheese and more. The donation aimed to help feed the needy students during their week-long spring break. This donation came as part of the Kisling Nestico & Redick charity campaign KNR Cares About Kids. This campaign has been running for a year, and its primary aim is to help kids throughout the state of Ohio reach their full potential.

Jill Schissler, the Principal of the Greenbriar Middle School, said that the generous food donations would go a long way in positively impacting the lives of needy students. Jill went ahead to state that they were overwhelmed by this generosity which might have come at just the right time for some families. At Greenbriar, almost 50% percent of the students receive reduced-price and free lunches.

This law firm was founded in 2005 with a vision of being the best personal injury law firm in the state of Ohio. Currently, Kisling Nestico & Redick has more than 30 lawyers and 100 support staff in 11 offices around the state. The law firm has helped numerous personal injury victims so far.

Philanthropy, which means etymologically, is one of the most significant actions someone can adopt to their lives and careers. Generosity teaches the love for humanity and the urge to help people in need and communities who need the aid of some sort, many times not even involving money.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and has helped the Jewish people countless times. Not only that, but he has achieved his millions, as he has become a very influential real estate investor and leader.

Having been born in Israel, from an Israeli family, Adam has in his blood the urges to help communities who are suffering from prejudice, poverty or some sort of problem. Having experienced the Yom Kippur War during his childhood, Adam knows how it feels like to feel like you are alone in the world.

To understand what led him to philanthropy, let’s analyze his path that led him to the United States.

He came to America in 1981, but before that, Adam graduated from the Technion in 1978 and was studying to become an outstanding commercial real estate investor, a dream that he fulfilled in Southern California.

In 1983, adam partnered with Hager Pacific Properties, and began using his acquired real estate knowledge to invest in properties, commercial centers, buildings, and start developing his own career path by his merit.

Adam is more than just a philanthropist and real estate investor, as he also is very focused on helping his Israeli community. He is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, that is responsible for maintaining peace and healthy relationships between the two societies. Being a chairman of the board of that council, he is directly responsible for the peace between his new nation and the community he was born in.

Apart from the council, Adam is on the board of directors of organizations like the Israel on Campus Coalition and the Jewish Funders Network, where investors like him gather and improve the reach of their community. He is also on the board of AISH Los Angeles and AIPAC National Council.

Adam is married to his wife Gila, and he helped the foundation of the SifriyatPijamaB’America, which gives books written in Hebrew every month, for free, to anyone who wants to learn more about the Jewish culture.

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Dick DeVos is a prominent individual in both the political and business fields. Dick is married to Betsy DeVos, and together they have contributed millions of dollars towards various charitable causes in Michigan and across the United States. The couple is recognized for consistently funding Republican politicians and also school choice initiative. In January this year, the couple unveiled millions of dollars they have so far contributed to various philanthropic causes through Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. According to the latest report, DeVos’ family contributed $11.6 million in 2015 alone to support charitable activities in different states.


Areas where Dick’s Contributions have been Channeled


Large amount of funds contributed by Dick DeVos have been directed to the education sector. The couple is committed to ensure all kids in the United States can access quality education regardless of the ZIP codes they come from. Out of $11.6 contributed in 2015 by Dick and his family, close to 30% was funneled to learning institutions and other organizations involved in education reforms. According to Dick DeVos, the amount of money they contribute to education causes is a reflection of the priority they have given the sector. When being interviewed on MLive, the businessman and politician accepted that zoning of areas has affected learning in many schools, since kids from low income earners are not able to access quality education as kids from middle and high income earners.


Apart from donating to schools, Dick has helped several institution of higher learning including Ferris State University, Northwood University, Arts and culture centers and others. Dick says the objective of their donation is impact and change lives of other directly. He maintains the contributions are above board, in a similar way any charitable organization would do. Furthermore, he maintains that their agenda is not politically motivated, but aiming to serve people, especially the less privileged. Dick says that kids under their program are showing excellent results, and it is their hope that performance will continue to improve now and in future.


Dick DeVos’ Biography


For several years, Dick has served in various executive roles at NBA’s Orlando Magic and Amway. Currently, he is the President of The Windquest Group. From 1993 to 2002, the executive served as the President of Amway. During his last year at the company, it recorded $4.5 billion in sales.


Besides his business engagement, Dick DeVos is recognized for his involvement in community initiatives. For instance, the executive established education Freedom Fund to offer scholarships to 4000 plus kids from less privileged families in Michigan. In 2006, he vied for Governorship position in Michigan on a Republican Party, but he eventually lost. Dick graduated from Northwood University, and he is a qualified pilot.

Dick DeVos’s full name is Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr. He was born on 21st of October 1955. This endearing philanthropist resides in Michigan, and he is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman. Richard was once the Chief Executive Officer of Amway, which is a consumer goods distribution company, between 1993 and 2002.


Dick is a happily married man with four kids. Name of his wife is Betsy Prince. His commitment to philanthropy has put food on the tables of the hungry and smiles on the face of the sad. Name of his charity foundation is Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Foundation is at Grand Rapids, and they have donated thousands of dollars to various free market economic organizations, communities, educational, religious, artistic and civic organizations.


Dick began his humanitarian works in 1990 and work of the foundation had benefited several grantees. Some of the beneficiaries are Little Star Inc., Hope College, Grove City College, Davenport University, Princeton University, Calvin College, Rehoboth Christian School, New Urban Living, Florida P.R.I.D.E, Children First America, the High Michael Beahan Foundation, the Education Freedom Fund, ArtPrize Grand Rapids and many more too numerous to mention.


DeVos was the very first person to open an aviation public charter high school in the United States in 2010. Name of the institution is West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick loves flying, and this is one of the factors that informed his decision to open the aviation academy. He, however, took things to the next level by combining his passion for flying with the passion for education and kids. This beautiful Academy is at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Other than the Dick and Betsy Foundation, Dick also has another foundation named Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship. This organization is focused only on providing scholarships. The charity organization was founded in 2008 by him and his wife, and they provide scholarships to MBA, MS and MA students at Thunderbird School of Global Management. However, the grant is more focused on students from developing countries.

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Another scholarship foundation established by the DeVoses is named Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship. This organization focuses on awarding annual scholarships to students desiring to earn combined BBA/MBA or just BBA honors at Northwood University.


DeVos is undoubtedly one of the best and most active civic leaders around. He had spearheaded many local interests, including Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and Grand Action. His life had been a life of exceptional achievements and outstanding successes.

Richard (Dick) Marvin DeVos, Jr., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was born on October 21, 1955. His father, Richard M. DeVos, Sr., (03/04/1926) is the co-founder and former

CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distributor.


Dick DeVos, Jr. earned his Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree at Northwood University. He attended Harvard Business School too but did not graduate. He also attended Executive Study programs at Wharton School. Mr. DeVos began working with Amway in 1974. He worked in several divisions of the company, in various positions –

R & D, marketing, sales, manufacturing and other departments.


Dick became the Amway vice-president in 1984, which gave him the obligation to oversee the operation’s spread over 18 nations. He also proved his ability to lead Amway by leading them into many new, lucrative markets. Their International sales rose to top the company’s domestic revenue the first time since Amway’s beginning. It is noted that when Dick became Amway’s International Operations VP, in 1986, sales beyond the US totaled approximately 5% of overall market sales. When he left the VP position, after six years, that 5% had developed sales outside of the US into 50% of market sales.


Dick DeVos next found himself at the hoops a lot, with Orlando Magic Basketball team. His family had bought the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise in 1991, and Dick Devos was named the team’s CEO and President.


Mr. Devos left Orlando Magic the first of 1993 to return to Amway and succeed his father, Rich Devos, then current President, CEO, and co-founder of Amway. Under Dick DeVos’ leadership, the firm’s performance flourished and Amway operations extended into over 50 territories and countries, spanning six of the world’s seven continents.

Dick DeVos and his brother, Doug DeVos, are credited with helping their company go global and reaching the industry-setting results they achieved.


In the year 2000, Dick DeVos decided Amway should be reorganized and a new parent company, Alticor, was created. In 2002, Mr. DeVos, Jr. retired from Alticor and joined the Windquest Group, a private investment management firm.


Mr. Richard M. DeVos is also into politics. He vied for the position of Governor of Michigan in 2012 but was defeated by the then current democratic Governor. Mr. DeVos works to help with Educational needs and is also a great believer in the Right To Work Law – not just in Michigan, but country wide.

In a move to encourage budding philanthropists of tomorrow, Bruce and Karen Levenson have donated $5.6 million to the University of Maryland’s Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. With a huge boost in funding from the Levenson’s gift, students can continue to receive cutting edge learning in philanthropy and nonprofit business. The program offers students the chance to gain skills and experience that will help them shape their communities as future leaders. With a hands-on curriculum, the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership provides opportunities to not only make an impact in the United States, but other parts of the globe as well. A recent program in India tasked students with helping the disabled, youth outreach, and wildlife preservation efforts in the region. Another opportunity that allows students to get involved is The Do Good Challenge. The university community comes together in competition to brainstorm ideas on social change, and the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership funds the event. The Center also prepares students for careers in the nonprofit sector. After graduation, many degree holders head for jobs in nearby Washington, D.C. These graduates are armed with a unique skill set in understanding social issues. The hope is that these Maryland grads can tackle the problems of tomorrow by forming nonprofits that benefit our world. The Levensons are active philanthropists for many causes. The contributions they have made have benefited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, I Have a Dream Foundation, Seed Foundation, Hoop Dreams Scholarship, Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Bringing the Lessons Home program, and Seeds of Peace. The full, original article can be found on PR Newswire at: