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Austin MD Magazine just featured Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, who was recently named on of the 24 top beauty surgeons in the country by Harper Bazaar’s Magazine. After growing up in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden spread her wings and studied in New York City in order to become one of the best surgeons in her field. While her list of accomplishments in the medical field are beyond impressive, part of Dr. Walden’s crowning glory was her appointment to the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This was a particularly monumental achievement because Dr. Walden was one of the very few women to receive this prestigious honor in the medical field.

After growing up with two parents in the medical field as a dentist and a surgical nurse, you could say that a future in medicine was just destiny for Dr. Walden. She studied at The University of Texas at Austin to earn her bachelor’s degree and went on to graduate as the Salutatorian of her class in medical school. Dr. Walden completed her residency at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York. After completing her residency, Dr. Walden remained in New York City to begin her own private practice alongside accomplished plastic surgeon and her personal mentor, Sherrell Aston. While Dr. Walden says that she thoroughly enjoyed her time working and living in New York City, when she made the decision to start a family of her own, she then moved back home to Texas.

Dr. Walden chose to have in-vitro fertilization and gave birth to two sons in November of 2010. Because she was surrounded by loving family in Texas, she says it was the perfect place to start raising a family of her own and reinventing her professional career. Although she had to start a new practice in Austin, Dr. Walden was very excited to be back in her own stomping grounds. She launched her own plastic surgery practice as Westlake Medical Center and is able to practice right there in the operating room. She describes the facilities at Westlake Medical Center as top of the line and cutting edge in terms of accommodations and surgical capabilities.


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Jennifer Walden is a great Texas doctor that specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery. She has performed many different procedures in order to help her patients with a variety of issues with great success. Since she is highly recommended, many people tell their friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to go to Jennifer when they need cosmetic and plastic surgery completed.

Transferring From New York To Austin Texas

Jennifer Walden made her move back to Austin, Texas after being extremely successful with her cosmetic and plastic surgery business in New York. Coming back to Texas, which is her home state was something that she looked forward to do even though she had much success in the New York area.

Jennifer Walden’s Background

The reason she is one of the best doctors in Texas is because of her background. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin. She then pursued her Medical Doctorate. She received Highest Honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. For the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, she was elected President to add to her accomplishments. She was also the Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship before she transferred back to the Texas area.

Her Memberships

Jennifer Walden is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, she is well respected. Dr. Walden is the Vice Commissioner of Communications and serves on the board for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These are just a few of her memberships, and she contributes whole heartedly to each and every one of them with great success.

When people think of great doctors in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden always comes up on the list of the best. She has helped numerous people in the past, currently assists them and is sure to empower more in the future with the special flare that she has for completing wonderful, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that change the lives of many for the better.