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OSI Group is well known for being one of the largest food suppliers in the world. The company has 65 facilities within 17 countries, and it has more than 20,000 employees. The company rose from a humble background to a major corporate business in the world market. Since the company was established, it has continuously grown to be a leader when it comes to products of value-added proteins such as sausages, pizza, and hamburger.

OSI Group McDonalds is a relationship that exists between OSI Group & McDonalds. The owners of McDonalds signed an exclusive agreement with OSI Group to be the main supplier of fresh ground beef. As McDonalds was growing to other regions, OSI Group also expanded to those regions in order to meet the demands of the company. This made OSI Group expand from being a regional supplier to a global corporation.

The major focus of McDonalds is to provide their customers with consistent product. The primary product of McDonalds is hamburgers, and so the pressure was on OSI Group to produce consumer-driven, affordable, and consistent products that could easily be transported to various franchises of McDonalds. The technological breakthrough experienced in 1960s made it easier for OSI Group to supply consistent and more affordable products. This improved the OSI Group McDonalds relationship.

The flash freezing process brought about by technological breakthrough ensures that food is quickly frozen through the use of nitrogen. This established new opportunities for OSI Group in relation cost reduction and product expansion within the food industry. In 1973, OSI Group, built its subsidiary company in West Chicago with a primary aim of making it the sole supplier of OSI Group McDonalds product line. The subsidiary company is equipped with advanced machinery for preparing freezing hamburger patties.

The relationship between the OSI Group McDonalds relationship has attracted many customers and it has also increased production of hamburgers. The relationship has also enabled OSI Group to expand its services into the international market. It is currently the most vital provider of food in the world market.

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