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Skiers have enjoyed the Northern California’s ski slopes for decades. Back in the 1960s, the Lake Tahoe area was considered one of the top ski destinations in the country thanks to the popularity of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. But a lot has happened in the ski industry over the last 55 years.

New ski resorts have popped up all over the United States, but the last three or four years were not the best years for skiers, although the 2015/2016 season was a good one. Lake Tahoe has enjoyed a surge in ski activity thanks to the scenic appeal of the area, and the hard work of residents like Andy Wirth.

According to Sierrasun, Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Mr. Wirth has been in that position since 2012. Andy serves on the board of other businesses in the area. He was just named the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. Andy has been instrumental in bringing more airline service to the area from New York and California.

Airport service is essential during the ski season. But Lake Tahoe has another issue that is more pressing, according to Wirth, and that is the congestion that plagues skiers during the winter, and causes anxiety for the local residents all year long. Just like other cities around the country, Lake Tahoe has a serious traffic problem, and Wirth wants to do something about it.

There’s a redevelopment plan in the works that will ease the congestion as well as make the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Resort a 12 month-a-year resort. Andy is an outdoorsman that likes to run, hike, ski, swim, and play outdoor sports, and he plans to offer all of those things to the guests that come to his resort.

The development process passed its first hurdle when the Placer County Planning Commission approved the plan. The redevelopment plan is a five-year project, so time is of the essence. Wirth has an excellent track record when it comes to getting things done, and the redevelopment project should go according to the proposed plan.

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