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Securus Technologies does an excellent job of securing inmate calls. Their families will receive every minute that is available to them under their agreement. Inmates and their families can now say goodbye to inmate calling with Securus Technologies. For over 30 years Securus has been successfully processing inmate calls throughout the nation and looking to expand globally. Securus Technologies started out as an inmate calling regulator and now they offer cost effective features to their clients.They have proudly concluded a fourth quarter audit of Global Tel-Link. A PRN Newswire article has named Securus Technologies one of the leading inmate monitoring networks.


They offer services that limit your commute to a correctional facility. Securus is securing inmate calling by partnering with Vimeo to offer superior calling features. JPay Service also shares a partnership with Securus. Thousands of inmates and their families can trust the Securus network as they continue to process over 56.7 billion calls annually. No other provider is equipped to handle the amount of calls they’ve helped inmates and their families. Inmates and their families never have to miss a moment of staying connected. Inmates depend on the telephone to transition out of a facility.


Securus Technology Programs


Video Chat Visitation


If you’re on an inmates visiting list you can get your visitation over the internet by video chatting. This reduces the need to commute to a correctional facility and eliminates traditional operator assistance. Visit your loved ones in a correctional facility from the privacy of your home or from anywhere you choose.


Prepaid Calling


Prepaid calling from Securus allows you to pay for inmate calling credits in advance. Say goodbye to the hassle of locating an authorized agent. This feature is available to inmates from inside the institution and their families through the official Securus Technologies website.

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Everyone like me who needs to place calls to a jail has to have some kind of account with a company that helps people place calls, but Securus is the only one that uses video feeds. I love the way that it works because I can use it on my phone or my tablet. I have been able to use the Securus app with my phone, and I can use it just like other video messaging apps that I have used in the past. It has really helped me to make sure that I was going to get in touch with my cousins, and I have been able to see them easily.

The video feed is something that a lot of people will not be able to use with other services, but they will be able to find what they need when they are using Securus. I got to see my cousin the first time I made a call, and there was no waiting period. I literally signed up for the service, made the call and saw them on the other side of the camera. It really helped me to make sure that I was going to have the right results, and it proved to me that there was a reliable way to do this.

The reliability of the service is something that I never thought was possible because I have had problems with just regular messengers in the past. It was really nice to see that I was finally on the right platform, and it helped me to feel like I am doing the right thing. I will be able to keep myself in touch with family, and I can see how they are actually doing. That is very helpful for everyone like me who has family in jail.