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Crisis management guru Mike Paul has elected to offer his services to Status Labs and serve as a new member on their advisory board. Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, understands that his company’s rapid growth within the past few years would benefit from a veteran crisis management expert and Mike Paul is one of the best. Paul is president of Reputation Doctor LLC and is considered one of the best crises management experts in public relations. Reputation Doctor has twenty-five years of experience and has handled big name clients like United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and Kraft foods, while Fisher’s company has handled big names as well their experience is limited to five years. By hiring someone like Paul, Fisher has given his company the ability to handle their growth properly and successfully while learning the ropes by someone who has already walked the path Fisher is currently on.

Though Status Labs is a relatively knew company they’ve already become globally recognized for their ability to handle any and all crises by solely focusing on online presence. Online reputations have become a major factor in the success or failure of businesses, and with the rapid spread of media a company’s reputation can go up in flames within minutes. Because of this lightening fast speed Fisher’s company focuses on negative information found on the world’s most used search engine, Google. Research shows 87% of people don’t go past the first page of results when researching an individual or company, and if your results page covered in negative information that’s all people will see. By flooding Google results with positive and new information they bury old, negative results including the removal of any damaging pictures on the image page.

For clients looking to build an online presence Fisher and co offer a guiding hand on how to create, manage, and interact with the public via social media like Facebook or Twitter. They’ve also had experience handling crises and negative backlash from a public scandal. Most recently Status Labs was called upon by many clients after the Ashley Madison scandal leaked the previous year.