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In recent years, title defects have become a real focus of concern within the real estate market. Some even feel that this causes wrongful foreclosures and still others feel that they are contributing to the stagnation of what should otherwise be a fairly smooth transaction of assets within the secondary market.


Property records are an important factor to ensuring that a clear title conveyance can take place. It even helps to reduce the risk of buyback or the inability to foreclose, according to Nationwide Title Clearing executives. Nationwide Title Clearing has recently launched an updated website to make property reports available online in an effort to make the process of securing property reports simpler.


Most of the time title defects occur when a person or entity lays claim to a property that is already owned by someone else but they can also be one of several other factors. Simple issues with document wording that doesn’t comply with the real estate standards of a specific area can render a title invalid. So can the failure to include the signature of a party necessary for the completion of the transaction, or previous liens or other encumbrances that have not been taken care of. Failure to follow filing or recording procedures when recording real estate documents can also cause major issues to arise.


According to Nationwide Title Clearing CEO John Hillman, it’s vital to take care of title defects well before any property is sold or transferred. They even offer property report services that are accessible online. Nationwide Title Clearing is successful due to their full understanding of the result their clients desire, and then being able to customize a property report to suit their needs with the correct data included.


Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in 1991 and is based out of Palm Harbor. They are a privately-owned research and document-processing service provider specializing in the residential mortgage industry. Nationwide Title Clearing provides their services to mortgage lenders, investors and servicers, as well as the top residential mortgage servicers in the county. Nationwide Title Clearing delivers accuracy in research services as well as quality document processing. They are even able to track and fulfill county document requirements in jurisdictions nationwide, which includes close to 3,600 jurisdictions.


Nationwide Title Clearing specializes in providing property reports, land records research, lien release services, final document tracking, assignment services, document retrieval, and many other business solutions.