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We’ve all seen the twitter posts and heard the commercial, Beneful, healthy with a side of happy. With a wide variety of dog food made with real ingredients, it isn’t hard to see why it comes with a side of happy. Beneful offers Healthy Weight dog food made with real chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. This lower calorie dry dog food still provides your dog all the nutrients he needs.
However, if you have an active dog, your pup could be better served with Beneful‘s high protein blend called Playful life. This choice provides your lively dog the energy she needs with real beef, eggs, blueberries, and spinach.

Purinastore’s array of products does not just offer dry dog food, but also premium wet dog food. With a savory Rice and Lamb Stew that includes real lamb, rice, carrots, and peas your furry friend will enjoy this treat. Beneful offers various wet dog food combinations in 10 ounce resealable containers.

Treats are an important part of any diet. Beneful has treats ( to reward your puppy while caring for your dog’s teeth with their Healthy Smile Dental Ridges for mini, small/medium, and large dogs. These treats improve the dog’s breath, strengthen his teeth, and remove plaque and build up.

Your diet isn’t perfect all the time and your dog’s diet doesn’t have to be either. Beneful has created treats for your dog to enjoy the finer things in life. The different Baked Delights treats are made with bacon, beef, cheese and peanut butter. With names like Heartful, Hugs, Snackers, and Stars. They surely delight dogs and pet owners alike.

Beneful has a formulation for every age and stage of your puppies life, with a brand you can trust, and real ingredients your dog will love. It is available on Amazon.