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When the stock market dropped off several years ago, smart investors started to take their money and put it into gold. During this time, gold saw values reach levels it had never been to on the US Money Reserve. While current gold prices have dropped off from those record highs, why did investors move their money into gold at the time? For several reasons, each of which makes investing in gold such a smart opportunity for you.

While putting all of your money into one investment line is not recommended and you should diversify your portfolio, you do owe it to yourself to put money into the precious metals such as gold.

So Why Gold?

Gold has long been one of the most valuable materials in the world. People have traveled the world to find gold. From sailing for months to digging through dangerous caverns, the world has, for better or worse, expanded to the point it is today due to gold and the quest for gold. However, beyond people searching for gold in the 1200s, why is it such a valuable investment opportunity today?

Gold is a commodity. It is a physical product. As it is a tangible product and not a company, it is inflation safe. While money put into a company may increase or decrease in terms of the company’s value, it may not increase at inflation rates. The same can be said about investing in the US Money Reserve, mutual funds or really any other form of investment. Gold, on the other hand, is an investment that is not going to drop off in value.

It is going to be a safe option to put your money in times of crisis, and it will be around for you. Plus, it is something you will always be able to sell. There are very few other investments around that can always be sold, regardless of the times. It is why investing in gold is so designable and why you should look into it.

Gold More than Others

Gold is typically more sought after over any other precious metal in terms of value per ounce. Platinum can reach up there, as well as a handful of others, but those metals do see some more fluctuation. Gold is more steady and you can often see how world currencies and economies are doing based on the value of gold. After all, the world has sought gold for far longer than it has any other physical commodity.


Canada stopped minting their pennies and is using polymer bills now. Will the United States follow suit by ending US penny minting? US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed the demise of the penny during a CNBC Squawk Box interview.

“Cost of Minting Penny Higher Than One Cent”

During the December 30, 2015 CNBC Squawk Box interview, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl stated the simple fact: “Nobody uses the penny anymore.” Many pennies are strewn on the road or lost in seat cushions. Mr. Diehl suggested that the time spent picking up a penny is not economically worthwhile because it amounts to less than minimum wage.


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