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For years and years we have been purchasing our lip balms and chap sticks that came in bland tubes. It wasn’t something that was fun or it wasn’t much to choose from. You just went to the aisle and just picked something that looked somewhat like it worked. The packaging was normal with just the brand name and a list of ingredients. The only flavors that you could choose was cherry or mint. Nothing too exciting. Almost ten years ago there has been a change in the lip balm community. EOS popped up creating a very different and unique item that took all other lip balms by storm. There were crystal ball shaped, bright color lip balms everywhere with different flavors and popping colors!

The beauty industry was star struck by the balls of beauty and even celebrities went out and got their hands on the EOS lip balms. The company’s name stands for Evolution of Smooth. EOS has completely taken over fashion and beauty magazines and blogs. The company has been pretty tight lipped about their strategy until recently. As they did an interview with Fast Company we learned how they made an over million dollar company that has become one of the best selling lip balm in the whole country with other lip balms that has been out way longer than EOS, (

Recently the successful company has launched their newest EOS lip balm that has medication in the ingredient. Early this year EOS gave their customers a great surprise when they added a new healing medicated balm to their collection. Medicated Pain Relieving Lip Balm is their newly added balm and it is already gaining much attention. This has been a rough winter and I am sure many people have suffered from chapped, dry, painful lips! With this lip balm it not only soothes and calms any irritation but it also medicated it and heals the lips while taking away all pain! Additional review on