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When it comes to lip balm flavors, EOS has several that I enjoy. The small round containers hold jewels inside in the form of lip balm that keeps the lips moisturized during the day. I like the stronger scents and flavors, and while there aren’t as many as the company tends to keep flavors delicate and mild, there are a few that stand out. Hit this link,

My favorite flavor is the blackberry. I have a blackberry bush behind my house, and the lip balm smells just like the fruit that I pick from the bush. It has a bit of nectar blended in with it instead of just being a pure blackberry flavor. This gives the product a creamy flavor, but it’s still satisfying when I smell it and when it’s on the lips, have a quick look. This is perhaps my favorite lip balm for summer because it goes well with so many other fragrances that I wear.

Another EOS flavor that I enjoy is the lemon twist, watch more info at It comes in a bright yellow container, and it smells like a fresh glass of lemonade. It also tastes like lemons on the lips but not as sour as you would find with the fruit. Each EOS lip balm is made with shea butter, making the lips soft and luscious.

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