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Christopher Burch is a well-known entrepreneur who has started successful companies in retail like Tory Burch and C. Wonder; he has set his sites on the hotel and hospitality business. James McBride and Chris Burch bought a joint venture in the form of a beachside hotel located on the island of Sumba in 2012. Sumba is part of Indonesia, and the business partners spent a total of $30 million renovating it. In 2015, Nihiwatu opened its doors to the public. This luxury hotel features 27 private villas, 4 of which have their own, private plunge pool. Mr. Burch bought this hotel initially as a legacy to leave his children, and as a way to give back to the local community. He now splits his time between the Hamptons, Miami, and Nihiwatu in Indonesia. Nihiwatu has already been named the Best Hotel in the World by Travel + Leisure in 2016. Continue reading about Nihiwatu on businessinsider.com

Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch was born and raised in Pennsylvania as 1 of 10 children. He attended Ithica University and made his first foray into the world of entrepreneurship while he was still in college. Mr. Burch and his brother founded Eagles Eye with just $2,000 and sold sweaters for $15 each that they originally bought for $10 each. Christopher began looking for a factory to expand his sweater selling business, and this operation grew quickly to other campuses and retail stores. Mr. Burch and his brother worked the next 10 years, and Eagles Eye grossed over $140 million in sales. More to read on bjtonline.com.  His next venture was helping his wife launch the Tory Burch fashion line in 2004. Mr. Burch served as co-Chairman of the Tory Burch fashion line until it sold in 2012. At the time of the selling, the company was worth an estimated $3 billion dollars.  Read this recent interview of Burch, know his views and insights on things around his area of interest, hit on interview.net.

Real Estate

Mr. Burch made his way into the real estate business in 2004 by partnering with Philippe Stark to help develop Faena Hotel+Universe in Argentina. In 2005 he purchased a luxury home in the Hamptons, renovated it, and sold it four months later for $25 million. His last real estate project was the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia.

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Christopher Burch has proved time and time again that he has excellent instincts and has honed them over the years. He will continue to thrive in this popular market for years to come.

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Buying gold through the US Money Reserve is a wise decision that may help someone grow their personal wealth over the course of many years.  Someone who is searching for a better way to investment my choose gold simply because buying gold locks them into a price that will only rise over time.

There are many coins to buy from the US Money Reserve, and this article explains how they may be used after they are purchased.

#1:  Buying Gold Through Their Website

The website for the US Money Reserve has a portal where someone may make purchases of gold coins, and they may buy the coins for any price or style they choose.  The price and style may be weighed based on what the buyer wants, and there are many people who buy specifically to help complete their personal collections.  This is a simple thing to do, and it puts every buyer into the trading market.

#2:  Trading Coins

Trading coins is one of the simplest investments that someone may make simply because they are trading on the perceived value of each coin.  Someone may want a coin that has a particular design, and there are other people who will search for a design that is no longer in production.

They may buy more gold coins that could be used in the same collection, or they may choose to buy in a new set of coins that they may complete. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-encourages-visitors-to-explore-its-new-website-and-e-commerce-coin-catalogue-300225181.html

#3:  Selling

Selling coins for their value is an important part of the process, and someone who is interested in cashing in may sell to a dealer or another collector.  The value of the coins may be used to help create a retirement account, or they may be used to ensue that someone has enough money to make their next large purchase.

#4:  Gold Values Are Strong

Gold has been rising in value for many years, and the metal will not fall in price any time soon.  This is a safe place to spend money that nearly always offers a profit.  Someone who has quotes about the value of a particular coin may check themselves, and there are many people who will monitor the gold prices every day before selling.

The US Money Reserve makes buying gold easy.  Gold coins are an easy item to use, and they provide a better experience for everyone involved in the purchase process.


When you are looking to take care of yourself, one part of your body that should not be ignored are your lips. One of the best ways to take care of your lips is to use a lip balm. This will help to keep them protected from the sun, keep them moisturized, and even prevent abrasions. When looking for a lip balm, a great option is EOS Lip Balm.

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EOS Lip Balm is a leading lip balm that is well known for its egg-shaped container. The product can be purchased online through the EOS website, through other online retailers, or through a range of brick and mortar retail stores. When you are looking to get some new lip balm, EOS Lip Balm will have plenty of options for you to choose from. While they started small, the company now has nearly a dozen different flavors to choose from, you may browse here on ebay.com.

EOS Lip Balm’s flavors are well received by the public and are released after a lot of different product reviews. Some of the top flavors of EOS Lip Balm today include plain vanilla, strawberry, mint, raspberry, and coconut, browse here. Each of these flavors provide the same level of coverage to the user.

While EOS is best known for their lip balms, the company has a range of other products as well. Some of the other popular products that the company sells include lotions, shampoos, and other healthy and beauty products. The company strives to use ingredients that are natural and organic. This helps to ensure that they are effective, but also very healthy to use and sensitive on the skin.

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There are a ton of lip balm flavors but the fruity ones are some of the best. You may be wondering what makes them so great and why you might want to look into getting a good one for you. Click thebrotalk.com for more amazing stories.


Strawberry Flavor

One of the most popular flavor is the strawberry flavor. This one is a pink color as well as in an interesting container. The strawberry flavor gives you the slightly sweet flavoring you want as well. This popular flavor can be found in most places and is easy to find.

Blueberry Flavor

Blueberry is a popular flavor for most people. The blueberry flavor isn’t as slight as the strawberry one. It has a little more flavor to it and it smells great. This flavor comes in a light blue container that is fun and easy to find in your bag or pocket.


Passion Fruit

This flavor is a great one to add to your collection. It’s slightly less sweet than some of the other ones and it comes in a light purple container. The flavor can be found at some retailers and online at their website, browse and shop here!


There are a ton of options with your EOS lip balm flavors. You can pick any of these fruity flavors or you can look into a mint flavor that helps make your lips feel clean and fresh. EOS is a great option for anyone that wants to get a lip balm that will help them to have healed lips as well as to have a great taste and smell with your lips. You should take your time and find one that is going to be great for you. You also can choose to get more than one so you can have more than one to pick from each day.

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I have found my new favorite lip balm! The EOS Organic Smooth Sticks come in three different flavors right now, but my top flavor is Vanilla Bean, while my second favorite is Sweet Mint.

The Organic Smooth Sticks are made with all natural ingredients and are actually gluten free. They are also free of petroleum and parabens, click this site. I love finding products for my lips that are free of toxins, because I feel so much healthier about using them. It makes a big difference too, because the EOS products make my lips feel really smooth and healthy while other brands do not. The Organic Smooth Sticks are made with shea butter and vitamin E too!

The vanilla flavor is really sweet and delicious smelling. It reminds me of cupcakes! I love the way it smells, and the way it looks. It comes out as a soft, translucent coating that makes my lips look cared for and slightly shiny because they are so moist, you can buy it at ebay.com. The case for this product is cream colored. This lip balm is great to use when I am in the mood for a sweet treat. I like to give it as gifts too, because vanilla is a really popular flavor that most people enjoy. I have heard great responses from friends that I shared this with. They also really like the warm, rich vanilla sensations! More related article here on frenchtribune.com.

I also really enjoy the Sweet Mint flavor in the Organic Sticks line. This one is so refreshing to use, and makes me feel so happy! The mint flavor is delightful but the best part about this product is the way that it makes my lips feel. I always look for lipbalms that provide lasting moisture, and this one definitely does. The miny flavor is great for times when I need a little zing of energy!

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The dominance of Chapstick in the beauty market has been challenged by the emergence of EOS in the market. EOS is currently the sensation in many places. It is stocked in shopping malls and other retail shops to the satisfaction of its growing customers. The good reviews made in beauty magazines have helped the product grow. In fact, that EOS flavor honey drew is worn by Kim Kardashian has boosted the product’s likeability in the market.


Fast Company’s Interview

EOS spoke to Fast Company about its rising stature and the fact that it is now regarded as the second best selling lip balm in USA, according to Kline. It is second only to Burt’s Bees with other competitors like Chapstick and Blistex following in sales. Refer to blogwebpedia.com for more news.


 ‘Pot Lip Balm’

The EOS lip balm is better, according to clients, than the ‘stick lip balm’ since it does not get lost in ladies bags. Customers were however, not happy about the use of their fingers when applying the balm. This application technique was seen to be unhygienic. Mehra, whose target population was young women, felt disappointed. He however, understood the customers’ reservations. Watch out this video here on youtube.com.



In order to grow the lip balm, EOS decided to partner with Keds. With Keds, EOS created a shoe that matched the lip balm. To further popularize the brand, EOS organized a Disney appearance using the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collection.



EOS wants to leave a mark in the market and is therefore working on other products like shaving creams for men and lotions for both men and women. The partnership of Mehra and Teller has made them quite successful. Before these two met, Mehra worked in established corporations while his business partner was employed in start ups. Mehra has worked for PepsiCo among other large corporations.

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There’s nothing worse than investing in a gorgeous new outfit and hairstyle, only to find your great new look undercut by lips that are dry, ragged and cracked! To keep your lips looking and feeling as great as your new ensemble, it’s important to carry a reliably great lip balm at all times. The solution? EOS “Evolution of Smooth” Lip Balm! This amazing product goes on easy and keeps lips feeling smooth, moist and plump. Plus, these lip balms (contained in handy and very cute little spheres) taste great! Catch more fun facts here on youtube.com!


A Natural Lip Balm Choice

Not only is EOS Lip Balm smooth, soothing and tasty, it’s also a certified USDA organic product that is made of wonderfully natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and antioxidant containing Vitamin E. It’s also free from parabens, which makes this a winning product the whole way. Find more information here on blogwebpedia.com.


Flavors Galore

EOS Lip Balms come in a variety of wonderfully tasty flavors, including Blueberry Acai (in a fun blue sphere), Summer Fruit (with the zing of strawberry, peach and blueberry flavor), and sassy Pomegranate Raspberry. Wow! All these flavors are wonderfully fruity and quite delicious. Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry come in dark pink containers that perfectly match their fruit flavors. They’re as cute as can be, and add to that overall stylish appeal.

EOS Lip Balm is a great choice for stylish folks who like their lips to look, feel and taste as great as the rest of them. That’s a great fashion choice for sure.

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The addition of the new EOS healthy product line of lip balms is exciting. They have been out for a few years. Since then, the EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, lip balms has taken over the personal beauty product market for lip balms, see page. It’s an amazing story. Here’s the good news for you though. They are safe and good for you. Here’s the details on the ingredients.

Many people these days are chatting about the good and the bad of the EOS products. They can argue all they want. You and I know the difference. Well, you will after reading the rest of this information. It’s great to know what the big fuss has been all about.

They are all natural. That means that all of the ingredients are safe for everyone. The EOS product line is gluten-free, paraben-free and they are even all made of completely natural ingredients. They have vitamin E in them and also include some essential oils to keep those lips smooth even after the lip balm wears off. It’s stunning how good they smell too.

Sweet Mint is the most popular flavor of all of the flavors that have been released since EOS started, click douglas.de. After that came the addition of Coconut Milk. It might sound odd, but you have to try it before you judge it. It has vanilla in it. It’s smells fabulous, and it turns out that EOS is good for you too!

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No matter what your favorite flavor is, the chances are, there is an EOS that matches that taste. They are so cute too. They are these little colorful little balls of goodness for your lips. The choices are so varied that you could try a new one every week and go on for weeks. Let’s face it. That’s just fun. Visit their website, costco.ca.


Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital and has been a successful investor and entrepreneur for almost forty years. He acquired Nihiwatu in 2012 and renovated the luxury resort. By 2016 the resort was ranked by Travel + Leisure magazine as the number one hotel worldwide.   Additional article on businessinsider.com. Mr. Burch developed an interest in the hospitality field when he started a partnership with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark and created the Faena Hotel.

Mr. Burch and Ellen DeGeneres became partners in 2014 when she launched her ED by Ellen DeGeneres brand. For related article, check this recent interview with Burch.  The same year he launched luxury prefab homes called Cocoon9. The homes were space saving, contemporary in design, sophisticated and energy efficient. His diversified portfolio also includes office supplies by Bur+Mah, women’s accessories and apparel by TRADEMARK, BaubleBar, Soludos, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, Brad’s Raw Foods and Blink Health. Hop over to burchcreativecapital.com, to check this diversified portfolio of Burch.

Chris Burch sat on the board for Rothman Orthopedic Foundation and was previously the president of The Pierre Hotel Board. He has contributed funds to Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Langone, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China, The Sumba Foundation and the China Association of Social Work.

Mr. Burch admits he is curious about the world around him and notices how services and products can be improved. He decided to use his resources and knowledge to help entrepreneurs who have great ideas. This was the decision that led to him founding Burch Creative Capital. The company takes ideas and brings the world amazing results. He believes passion and good people are what it takes to succeed. For Burch Creative Capital timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com

Chris Burch is excited about tiny houses because he feels it means people are living with experiences instead of just things. That’s why he developed Cocoon9. He wanted to help the people looking for adventure and culture. He is extremely proud of the accomplishments he has made in this area.

Mr. Burch is a risk taker. He admits it’s not quite a strategy but feels risks are unavoidable if you want to break new ground. He has taken many risks in his career and although he had some failures he is happy to be where he is today. When he does fail he mourns the failure, does some reflection and moves ahead with new clarity. He keeps investing and he keeps creating because this is his passion.  For a glimpse of this investments, hop over to prnewswire.com

To read more about Burch, hit http://www.forbes.com/profile/christopher-burch/

When it comes to lip balm flavors, EOS has several that I enjoy. The small round containers hold jewels inside in the form of lip balm that keeps the lips moisturized during the day. I like the stronger scents and flavors, and while there aren’t as many as the company tends to keep flavors delicate and mild, there are a few that stand out. Hit this link, frenchtribune.com.

My favorite flavor is the blackberry. I have a blackberry bush behind my house, and the lip balm smells just like the fruit that I pick from the bush. It has a bit of nectar blended in with it instead of just being a pure blackberry flavor. This gives the product a creamy flavor, but it’s still satisfying when I smell it and when it’s on the lips, have a quick look. This is perhaps my favorite lip balm for summer because it goes well with so many other fragrances that I wear.

Another EOS flavor that I enjoy is the lemon twist, watch more info at youtube.com. It comes in a bright yellow container, and it smells like a fresh glass of lemonade. It also tastes like lemons on the lips but not as sour as you would find with the fruit. Each EOS lip balm is made with shea butter, making the lips soft and luscious.

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