The Process Of Getting Free AdWords Evaluation From White Shark Media

Online businesses just like traditional businesses need customers to thrive. Although most people use the free marketing technology that involves Search Engine Optimizations, some businesses are breaking from this tradition by adopting paid online ads. AdWords, a traffic-targeting tool designed by Google, has been the most preferred tool. However, using the service does not always … [Read more…]

Innovator Doe Deere Tells Her Story

  All people today have a story they can tell. People also all have a dream in life that is important to them. One person who tells the world about her dream is entrepreneur and makeup expert business woman Doe Deere. Deere is the founder of one of the nation’s most respected online makeup companies. … [Read more…]

JustFab Made My Summer So Much Easier

Everyone who is shopping for summer clothes needs to have a way of finding just the right styles, and every summer is much harder because I keep finding less and less to buy. I am finally happy because I can just shop at JustFab for all my clothes. They are like an emporium for color, … [Read more…]

Martin Lustgarten and his Role in the Economy

The financial crisis of 2009 and the real estate bubble are two events, which many Americans dread to relive. Retirements were destroyed. A baby boom generation poised to enjoy their glory years became lifelong employees. They cannot afford to stop working. How would you feel if 40 year’s worth of retirement benefits disappeared? There are … [Read more…]

23 Layers Interview

Jessica Boskoff is an event designer and planner based in New York City. She plans events from weddings to corporate events. She founded and is the CEO of 23 Layers, the NYC event planning company. In her interview with The Perfect Palette, Jessica stated that she loves pastel colors such as mint and aqua. She … [Read more…]

Pastel Colors And Fun Designs

Jessica Boskoff, an event planner in NYC, is the founder of Twenty Three Layers. She recently conducted an interview about some of the ways she brings color and style into the events that she helps to coordinate. She is a woman who uses creativity when she makes designs for events. Taking the time to explore … [Read more…]

Goettl Returns Home to Vegas

Goettl Air Conditioning has purchased another HVAC company, Moore AC in Vegas to add to their quality company. Moore is a 50 year old company that comes with a combined 300+ years of experience. This company is just the kind of quality Goettl wants to add to their family of HVAC companies. This new acquisition … [Read more…]

Lime Crime: Trendy And Trending

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company founded in New York City, New York by Doe Deere. They are now headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For those readers unfamiliar with Deere and her company, don’t get worry lines. Here is a bit of background on the subjects in question. Doe Deere, legally known as Xenia Vorotova, … [Read more…]