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The financial crisis of 2009 and the real estate bubble are two events, which many Americans dread to relive. Retirements were destroyed. A baby boom generation poised to enjoy their glory years became lifelong employees. They cannot afford to stop working.
How would you feel if 40 year’s worth of retirement benefits disappeared? There are those who died from the shock. Then there are those who sought the services of Martin Lustarten. A double citizenship, a career in investment banking and a brilliant mind define the man.

Martin Lustgarten has a special place in his heart for retirees. Retirement is a goal. He believes ones needs help to achieve it. His financial and success model is simple; retirees need to become international investors. Diversifying across counties is frowned as spreading oneself too thin. However, he believes it can be done with a close financial eye.

His model of spreading wealth across many countries reduces risk. He makes money from having a clear birds eye view of where the economy is going. Things may be going wrong in one country, according to the residents in the country. Taking the same experiences through a different looking glass could unearth avenues to make wealth beyond the imagination.

A similar model was used by Sir John Templeton. The most famous international investor is George Soros. He borrows from the same book. He works very hard to make his clients rich. George Soros made a killing with the British currency. He read the signs right. According to Martin Lustgarten, a diverse global portfolio is necessary to expand your wealth.

For retiree looking for a mentor Martin is perfect for the role. Investors who do not know where to take their money can benefit by following his steps. For him, it is not about paying the bills, but about making money.

A recovering US economy is a source of more stability for the dollar. Martin has already identified the recent moves as fertile ground. The Federal Reserve Bank low-interest rate policy means you can get cash at very low rates. Martins’ advice is to get deeply into debt, while there is still a chance.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker. He was born in 1958, and he lives in Florida. The advice on the street is to follow each of investments closely. Follow Lustgarten on Tumblr to learn more.

Jessica Boskoff is an event designer and planner based in New York City. She plans events from weddings to corporate events. She founded and is the CEO of 23 Layers, the NYC event planning company.

In her interview with The Perfect Palette, Jessica stated that she loves pastel colors such as mint and aqua. She incorporated these delicate yet fun colors into the design of the shoot.

The photoshoot was taken in celebration of 23 Layer’s new look. Images from the shoot are incorporated into the company’s website.

The whimsical scene included sweet desserts like cupcakes and doughnuts, beautiful peonies, and pastel pillows. The combination of props, sweets, and color added a touch of playfulness to the design.

The background elements in the shoot allowed the bright colors and details to pop, catching the eye. With white and transparent walls, floors, trunks, and other props, it appears as if the color mainstays were floating.

Together, the details created a sophisticated yet fun look. Details such as including the novel The Last Unicorn and books about love added to the romantic atmosphere.

Jessica said that her style as a designer is always changing, but that she loves colors and symmetry. When it comes to event planner, the details are incredibly important to her.

She uses her creativity in every element of her life, from her career to the design of her own home.

Working with her in this design were photographer Vanessa Tierney, baker Ashleigh Blackman, and florist Van Vliet & Trap. Jessica used their products to add fun layers of details and style to her brand.

Jessica Boskoff can be found on Instagram. Those interested in her event planning and design can also visit 23 Layers’ website, where there is more information about her company and the services it offers.

Jessica Boskoff, an event planner in NYC, is the founder of Twenty Three Layers. She recently conducted an interview about some of the ways she brings color and style into the events that she helps to coordinate.

She is a woman who uses creativity when she makes designs for events. Taking the time to explore various artistic approaches, she makes sure that clients receive exactly what they are looking for with their wedding and other special events. Designers that are used enjoy color and texture as well as contrast. Fun is also used in many of the designs that are created. Jessica enjoys using pastels whether they are on the top of a cupcake or in the form of flowers.

A styled shoot was recently done with Jessica’s input. One can clearly see the care that is provided in product placement and the colors that blend well together. The reason for the shoot was to showcase a new look for the brand. Colors used in the shoot are bright and fun. They include mint green, pink and yellow. Sweet treats, such as donuts and cupcakes, can also be seen in the shoot to add a bit of flair to the picture. Donuts are decorated with pink frosting and sprinkles, and cupcakes are decorated with mint green icing.

Simple flower arrangements are placed in clear vases, positioned so that they are beside the treat stands. Jessica’s favorite colors include mint green and aqua. These colors are often present in events that she has a hand in helping to decorate. Each component of the recent shoot that was done with Jessica’s inspirations include whimsy and a touch of play. Pastel cushions are placed on a stool while a yellow rocking chair is the focal point of the picture. Jessica enjoys expressing her style through various colors and unique designs.

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Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has released the new THREADS 3.1 which is the most advanced data analytical tool in the market today. I also learned that the release was announced by Securus last December 21, 2015.

What is the impact of this latest update?

BBB.org gives us a backgrounder, Securus is the number 1 provider of technological innovations designed primarily for security and investigation activities especially in the field of public safety and criminal justice. The company is known for its state-of-the art platforms one of which is THREADS.

This implies that Securus is not jut satisfied with being the leader in the industry. It shows that user satisfaction is its primary concern over its market position.

Why are the changes they have made?

n They enabled some features that can record the loading details as well as the search function.

n They improved the system navigation and other related functions in order to make the platform much more user-friendly.

n There were also several built-in functions that were no longer useful and necessary, and they have now been removed to make the system more efficient and effective.

n Web-based technologies have advanced over a certain period of time. Therefore, to keep up with the latest technology, they adjusted the platform to make it more compatible with all the latest web-based technologies.

n They also enhanced the user interface (UI) not only for aesthetic purpose but also for smart functionality.

Is there a big difference from the previous one?

As far as I can see, there is a big difference since some unnecessary actions have already been removed. Nevertheless, the powerful features which many of Securus clients got used to are still kept. What makes THREADS 3.1 far different is because of the improvements of existing functions and the addition of new features.

Additional Features

n Guided real-time analysis

n Context-sensitive reports

n Customized mapping and printing

n Capability of integration with other Securus products


In my own assessment, I am convinced that THREADS 3.1 is an improvement rather than a correction. The changes that Securus has made seem to be based on the changes in the field of technology in general. Even so, THREADS 3.1 has been released not only to keep up with the latest technology but to be introduced as the most advanced data analytical tool in the market today.

Visit their wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

Read the Securus organization review here: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies#/entity

Goettl Air Conditioning has purchased another HVAC company, Moore AC in Vegas to add to their quality company. Moore is a 50 year old company that comes with a combined 300+ years of experience. This company is just the kind of quality Goettl wants to add to their family of HVAC companies.

This new acquisition helps to move Goettl to the forefront of residential air conditioning in Las Vegas market and add over 100 jobs to the market over the next twelve months. To help fill these jobs, Goodrich will funnel talent through the local College of Southern Nevada. At this college, he already has establish an endowment and a program to help veterans find jobs. Both of these programs are in honor of his father.

Goodrich left the Vegas market in 2007 due to the recession, and he is excited to come back to the market. He remembers going out with his father on service calls late at night, and that same work ethic he carries to his own business. He believes that customer’s needs come any time of day or night not when it is convenient for Goettl AC. In Arizona and Nevada, this philosophy is much appreciated by his customers, where temps can reach over 100 degrees.


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company founded in New York City, New York by Doe Deere. They are now headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For those readers unfamiliar with Deere and her company, don’t get worry lines. Here is a bit of background on the subjects in question.

Doe Deere, legally known as Xenia Vorotova, is not only the founder of Lime Crime but also the CEO and the owner of the makeup company. She is a native of Russia but she grew up in New York City, New York. She started the company because she could not find makeup products that were quite colorful enough to go with the custom line of clothing she was marketing on Ebay.

The official Lime Crime company launch occurred in October of 2008. It began with several different brushes, eyeshadows, glitters and a primer. Doe followed these up with her distinct and unusual Unicorn Lipsticks the following year.

The company states that their original Velvetines line of lipstick, which they first put on the market in 2012, was what ignited the entire liquid to matte lipstick movement present today. Lime Crime products have always been cruelty free. Much of their product line has also been vegan since the company began in 2008.

Doe, a significant, sometimes celebrity-like figure in her field, supervises all product development and is said to be very sensitive to her customer base. In 2012 she oversaw the reformulation of the remainder of her product line in order to conform with vegan requirements.

The Lime Crime cosmetics product line can now be found in retail outlets across the globe in countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and Thailand. Lime Crime products are also available online through the official company website and many other internet retailers.  Check out their tips on Tumblr for great looks, or follow them on Instagram @LimeCrimeMakeup.


Wikipedia should never be overlooked as a fantastic resource for promoting a name or brand. Businesses looking to establish their credibility or individuals interested in building up their online reputation may find a friend in Wikipedia. As long as a contributor follows the rules of the online encyclopedia, problems should not arise. “Should not” does not mean “will not” as editors may make calls contributors disagree with.

And this, as Tech.Mic reveals, leads to contributors getting a bit angry with the editors who reject each and every Wikipedia revision. An unsettling number of contributors have a tendency to be abusive to editors in their communications with the volunteer Wikipedia staff.

Editors have been known to be a little harsh in responding back to contributors. Sometimes, editors may be a little too enthusiastic about flagging content as being inappropriate.

This is not to suggest Wikipedia is rife with nothing but problems. The overall process of submitting content to Wikipedia is easy. Things commonly go smoothly. With 80,000 contributors and a small number of editors, some confusion may arise here and there. And the massive size of Wikipedia edits means things may not work out perfectly all the time.

Those in charge of the Wikipedia Foundation, the entity that runs the online encyclopedia, is committed to promoting clear and effective communications between editors and contributors. Those running the Wikipedia Foundation do take the situation seriously and do not want to see editors dealing with abuse. Apparently, a hire-than-desirable number of editors quit prematurely. The Wikipedia Foundation would like more than anything to reduce turnover among editors.

To the person hoping to make Wiki page for promotional purposes, the perception of the online encyclopedia as a giant bureaucracy is off-putting. No one lines to deal with a lot of extra and unnecessary effort. Nor does anyone want to contribute enormous resources to the process.

Get Your Wiki takes all the worries, hassles, and extra effort out of getting really excellent content onto Wikipedia. The primary function of Get Your Wiki is to create a Wikipedia page for the site on behalf of clients. The content will adhere to all the rules of Wikipedia to make sure the content does not suffer from unwanted or unwelcome edits. Get Your Wiki, of course, can re-edit content to guarantee the original vision is maintained.

Get Your Wiki delivers another benefit. Clients don’t have to deal with any extra concerns or duties from Wikipedia editors. It’s easy to get published on Wikipedia with Get Your Wiki.


Dogs are truly the best companions. Regardless of your situation they always greet you with a smile. When you wake up in the morning, they sit by your side while you drink your coffee, and in the evening they welcome you home with a smile. Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and most people would do anything to keep their dog healthy and happy. For years, that simply meant buying the most popular dog food brand and getting your dog exercise, but now there are thousands of dog food options, so dog owners must educate themselves. Beneful is an amazing dog food brand owned by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare that offers several important varieties of food.
Beneful has prided themselves on providing the best possible dog foods since they were established in the early nineties. They have always sought out the best possible ingredients and dog lovers know that a Beneful product will keep their dog happy and healthy. Beneful currently offers several amazing varieties of dog food.

Dry dog food is incredibly popular because it is easy to store. Beneful offers several varieties of dry dog food, each tailored towards your dog’s interests. The Beneful Original line is an Amazon best seller, it offers great dry dog food. Beneful offers several meats in their dry food, including chicken, beef, and salmon. They meat is 100% real and your dog is sure to appreciate. If your dog has special dietary needs, then Beneful may offer the dog food they need. Beneful offers a Healthy Puppy line that is targeted at keeping your puppy in top shape. If your dog is on a diet, then they may enjoy the Healthy Weight line, designed to keep your pup in top condition. Beneful’s dry dog food is a great option for dog owners everywhere.

Treats are necessary for any dog owner. They put a smile on your dog’s face and are a great way to train your friend. Beneful’s Healthy Smile line up is perfect for your dog. They include several flavors and sizes, so every dog owner will have an option.

Dog food is vital to your dogs health, and Beneful is proud to offer an amazing selection.

Like the Beneful facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/beneful/

Philip Diehl has spent most of his career around the coin minting industry. To be precise Mr. Diehl is a former Director of the U.S. Mint, and presently Mr. Diehl is the Present of U.S. Money Reserve. Mr. Diehl’s experiences in the industry of money minting and company announcements can be found on the usmoneyreserve.com website. Information can also be found on https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-s-money-reserve which is another company business profile for the U.S. Money Reserve company.

According to PR News Wire, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distribution companies available on the planet that provides investors access to precious metals. In a declining paper dollar economy the usmoneyreserve.com core value is to help investors see the benefits of transferring their wealth from dollars to metals, such as gold and silver.

Mr. Diehl goes on to state in on his profile page on usmoneyreserve.com that saving preserving money in precious metals is the best financial strategy to use in order to preserve capital. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-inc

Usmoneyreserve.com also guarantees that the exchange period from paper does to tangible assets is safe and secure experience. Investors are given a positive piece of mind when they have chosen to use usmoneyrerve.com as their precious metals portfolio investment resource.

The U.S. Money Reserve company does not only sell investors and mint coin buyers with the promise of preserving their wealth. The company also provides sound investment advice to those that are interested in learning more about the details of how gold and silver help to balance out their portfolios.

IRA and retirement funding is also available through programs that are offered by usmoneyreserve.com, Mr. Diehl and his associates.

Providing sound investment vehicles through precious metals is the forte of Mr. Diehl and the U.S. Money Reserve company. The company is use to helping clients from around the world understand the value of placing their wealth in precious metal commodities.

U.S. Money Reserve and Mr. Diehl are helping clients preserve wealth and helping to grow a trend within the financial investing industry.

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George Soros has long been considered one of the best speculators in the world when it comes to global currencies. He has made billions of dollars by being able to accurately analyze various markets and make moves with large amounts of money when George Soros thinks there is going to be a fluctuation in a currency. He came to the fore front in terms of market prediction in 1992, when he bet that the UK was going to have to devalue their currency. ValueWalk has recently put out an article that depicts his strategy during this time frame, as he knew that the UK was going to have to devalue their currency, putting his own hedge fund on the line.

1992 was an interesting time in terms of monetary systems on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soros_Fund_Management during the early 1990’s, and Britain wound up trying to do some things that put them in hot water. They were a part of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, or ERM, which basically was a system to handle the many monetary systems that were present in Europe. When you have countries that are in close proximity that are exchanging currency frequently, this type of exchange rate system is essential in order to ensure that the exchange rate is fair. The UK had very high inflation rates during the time and took action to try to boost the pound. They basically raised their interest rates in an attempt to attract people in Europe to invest in the pound. George Soros was one of the people that recognized that this was not going to work and decided that he was going to short the currency. The UK eventually had no other choice but to withdraw from the ERM, as they were spending way too much money trying to artificially boost the pound. 

The end result was that Soros accurately guessed that the pound was going to drop in relation to other currencies and put his chips in a position to increase in value. He made over a billion dollars in this move alone on www.valuewalk.com/2016/05/george-soros-broke-gbp-trade-century/, which is why so many people took notice and still to this day consider him to be without a doubt one of the best speculators on the planet. After Soros did this and the UK was forced to devalue their currency, the hedge fund that Soros possessed increased from fifteen billion to twenty two billion dollars over a few months, although it jumped drastically on the first day. Since this time, George Soros has continued to accurately forecast what is going to happen in various markets and has increased his net worth significantly since the early nineties, but this was one of the biggest money makers over his career thus far.