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There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at your business. You might need to look at videos for your business. This will not just help you get your business name out there, but also give you more customers in the long run.

What can Videos do For Business?

There are several things videos can do for business. The biggest is to get your name out there. People will see your business and then will want to come check it out. This is more true for those that use social media to speak with customers.

Another thing you can do with videos is to use it to communicate with other people in your business. This is great for letting them know what is going on as well as making them feel like they are a part of the company. This can help boost moral and can help you to be more active with your business people.

Videos for Groups

A great thing you can do is to have video sessions with your employees and have meetings through video chat. This can also help you to connect with others in your business. This is more true if you are trying to speak with your employees that are in different areas of the world or even just the country.

You should take the time to look at what videos can do for your business. You should consider adding this to your business plan so you can get more people involved in your company and do something that is new and fun with it. Consider what software is going to do the best for your needs and how you can use it. This way you will get the most out of your Talk Fusion video creation.

In recent years, title defects have become a real focus of concern within the real estate market. Some even feel that this causes wrongful foreclosures and still others feel that they are contributing to the stagnation of what should otherwise be a fairly smooth transaction of assets within the secondary market.


Property records are an important factor to ensuring that a clear title conveyance can take place. It even helps to reduce the risk of buyback or the inability to foreclose, according to Nationwide Title Clearing executives. Nationwide Title Clearing has recently launched an updated website to make property reports available online in an effort to make the process of securing property reports simpler.


Most of the time title defects occur when a person or entity lays claim to a property that is already owned by someone else but they can also be one of several other factors. Simple issues with document wording that doesn’t comply with the real estate standards of a specific area can render a title invalid. So can the failure to include the signature of a party necessary for the completion of the transaction, or previous liens or other encumbrances that have not been taken care of. Failure to follow filing or recording procedures when recording real estate documents can also cause major issues to arise.


According to Nationwide Title Clearing CEO John Hillman, it’s vital to take care of title defects well before any property is sold or transferred. They even offer property report services that are accessible online. Nationwide Title Clearing is successful due to their full understanding of the result their clients desire, and then being able to customize a property report to suit their needs with the correct data included.


Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in 1991 and is based out of Palm Harbor. They are a privately-owned research and document-processing service provider specializing in the residential mortgage industry. Nationwide Title Clearing provides their services to mortgage lenders, investors and servicers, as well as the top residential mortgage servicers in the county. Nationwide Title Clearing delivers accuracy in research services as well as quality document processing. They are even able to track and fulfill county document requirements in jurisdictions nationwide, which includes close to 3,600 jurisdictions.


Nationwide Title Clearing specializes in providing property reports, land records research, lien release services, final document tracking, assignment services, document retrieval, and many other business solutions.




YouTube is a social media site that attracts millions of people daily. It is easy to find information and videos on just about any subject. One subject that interest a lot of girls is beauty, fashion, clothing, DIY, hair, makeup, and life hacks. Well, Wengie is a popular beauty blogger and beauty guru on YouTube. In fact, Wengie is one of the most popular channels on the site, visited by millions weekly. Wengie produces a lot of videos on the previously mentioned subjects. In this video, Wengie shares her favorite Edible  school supplies


Edible School Supplies

Who knew that school supplies could be edible. You probably remember the kid in your class that liked to freak people out by eating their crayons. Well, in this video Wengie shares a recipe for making your own edible crayons. This is a great idea for all the tricksters out there that would like to freak out their friends by eating a large crayon and watching their shocked reaction. Wengie shares the recipe in this video. She takes the viewer step by step through the entire process to create the edible crayons. Included are 8 really fun edible school supplies to make and prank your friends.



Wengie shares that the edible foods are really fun and could be used to prank your friends. She believes they are some of the best back to school pranks around. However, she is recruiting all her followers to add their input. Share some ideas about the best way to use the pranks and really freak your school friends out. Simply click the link that is included with here and share your idea. It is also easy to join her channel and subscribe with just a few clicks. In the future, Wengie shares that she will probably be making more videos on DIY back to school supplies and pranks. Don’t forget to check out all the other videos that she has on her channel.


Wengie is an Australian/Chinese beauty blogger and YouTube star that is based in Australia. She has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Mr. Anthony G. Petrello also goes by the name: Tony. Mr. Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. The company is the holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc. Mr. Petrello has held the executive post since October 28th of 2011. He served as the company’s President since 1992. Mr. Petrello served as the company’s COO since 1991 to the time he became the company’s CEO.

Anthony G. Petrello has had an outstanding career, as an executive and also during his academic life: a life which many of his co-peers admire.

Prior to his executive-standing, he held the post of Managing Partner at the well-renowned law firm, of Baker & McKenzie. He was named as the firm’s managing partner, of the New York location, in 1986. And he worked in the capacity of managing partner until 1991.

Anthony Petrello has served as Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries Ltd., since June 2012. He, further, served as the Firm’s Deputy Chairman from 2003 to June 2012.

Anthony Petrello has served as Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since February 28, 2011 and Nabors Industries Ltd., since 1991.

He is a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital Incorporated—in Houston, Texas. Anthony Petrello, also served as a Director of MediaOnDemand.

Anthony Petrello graduated from the Harvard Law School; where it was he attained a J.D. Degree. Prior, he attained a B.S. as well as an M.S. degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

The company, which Anthony Petrello provides leadership, is Nabors Industries, Ltd.—as mentioned above. The company was established in 1968—under the name of Anglo Energy, Ltd. Its base is in Hamilton, Bermuda.

It is listed on the S&P 500. It is an oil, natural gas and geo-thermal drilling contractor. It provides land-based operations throughout North and South America. It additionally, provides the same services in the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. Nabors Industries performs on-shore well servicing in North America. It provides its customers with rigs relative to off-shore oil platform work-over. It acts as a provider of off-shore drilling rig servicing.

Nabors Industries is unique in that it provides much in the way of supportive services for offshore and onshore oil drilling and well-service operational requirements.

It manufactures top drilling drives, equipment used in the capacity of rig instrumentation, directional drilling systems, apparatus relative to data collection; equipment relative to drill pipe-handling; and software pertinent to rig reporting.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., as of 2006, was owner of six-hundred ten land work-over pieces of equipment; and well-servicing rigs—within the U.S. It owned one-hundred ninety rigs in Canada. It possessed forty-eight oil platform rigs; nineteen jack-up barge rigs and five barge rigs.

Anthony Petrello, as mentioned above, is Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. The healthcare institution is located within the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. It is a facility, complete, with six-hundred thirty nine licensed beds. Four-hundred, sixty-five beds are used for operations.

It is, by far, the largest pediatric healthcare facility within the U.S. It is affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine. It is the academic institution’s foremost pediatric training location.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the healthcare facility as Number Four—with respect to its listing of the Two-Hundred Best Pediatric Hospitals within the Country. The list is in accord with its report generated for 2016 to 2017

Securus Technologies is a leader in its industry. The company is based out of Dallas Texas and was founded in 1986. It provides service to over 2000 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. Correctional facility communication involves many variables. Staff of the facilities need to communicate with one another as well as with the inmates. There is also a need for the inmates to communicate with people on the outside.

Securus Technologies took another step forward in the industry by obtaining an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The company received an A+ rating from the BBB. The accreditation sets Securus Technologies apart from their competition within the industry. Their services have been verified by an organization that is designed to endorse a company’s character.

Customers want to feel confident about the product that they pay money to use. A brand must be able to establish trust with their marketing. This begins by advertising exactly what services are going to be provided. Consumers are turned off by misdirection. A transparent operation makes people feel comfortable about doing business with a particular organization. A company that is highly responsive to its customers will established loyal a following. It is extremely important to safeguard individual privacy when providing communication services. Conducting business in a professional manner shows integrity to the marketplace.

Securus Technologies continues to innovate. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in patents. It ensures that the service provider will remain at the forefront of a very competitive industry. The needs of correctional facilities and inmates will evolve over time. It is important for Securus Technologies to remain vigilant about servicing the needs of its demanding clients. The Better Business Bureau in Texas has acknowledged the fact that Securus Technologies is able to deliver the services that it markets.


Our hair takes a serious beating on a regular basis. The fact is that hair is much more fragile than most people realize and is easily damaged by numerous factors.

Weather factors like harsh winds, high humidity and excessively dry temperatures can agitate our hair follicles and cause dryness. Exposure to devices that use heat such as blow-dryers and curling irons damages hair and robs it of moisture. Even many of the hair care products that we use contain ingredients that are anything but healthy for our hair.

Luckily, there are ways to heal our hair naturally. These tips are easy, inexpensive and highly effective.

  1. Start Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in nutrients and gives deep hydration to parched hair. By massaging coconut oil into your hair on a weekly basis, you can undo much of the damage that has caused your hair to be dry and frizzy.

  1. Switch to a Cleansing Conditioner

The Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is a new kind of product for your hair. Instead of using harsh ingredients that dry your hair, this product cleans and conditions hair using only natural ingredients.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner also revitalizes hair that is dull and dry. Using a plethora of plant-based moisturizing ingredients, dry and damaged hair can become shiny, silky and luxuriously soft.

  1. Avoid Unfriendly Friction

Hair is very sensitive to intense friction. Things like terry cloth towels and cotton pillowcases can agitate your hair’s cuticles, resulting in a serious case of frizz. Instead, use gentle materials like microfiber and silk when dealing with your hair.

Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to take a more natural approach to hair care. By following these easy steps, you will be on your way to having gorgeous tresses that are free of frizz and dryness forever.

For more hair care tips, check out the WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter.
Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity

The Mexican oil industry specialist Cotemar has been providing its services to oil industry companies since 1979 when the marine based company was founded to help build the offshore industry off the coast of Mexico. There are many different services and products offered by Cotemar Mexico to their customers from around the world, which take in everything from assistance with the construction and maintenance of offshore platforms to the comfort and everyday needs of workers spending prolonged periods of time on offshore platforms.


What has been described as a silent revolution in the Mexican oil industry is currently taking place as the privatization of what was once a government owned industry through Pemex is expanding through a number of newer companies exploring some of the world’s largest oil fields. Cotemar are one of the companies that is benefiting from the expansion of the industry through a dedicated push to supply as many services as possible that are needed to create new platforms in a safe and secure way; Cotemar provides a range of boats and ships that can assist with the positioning and construction of platform using GPS technology to position them.


New oil companies are constantly looking to explore the possibilities offered by an expanding industry that is looking to find ways of keeping their employees safe and comfortable at all times. Cotemar Mexico has become an industry leader in developing safety measures for the platforms and residential locations it operates that undergo consistent inspections to make sure they meet the most rigorous industry safety standards. The long history of the company dating back to 1979 has also made Cotemar Mexico a leader in developing partnerships with major established companies like Pemex and the newer arrivals in the Mexican oil industry; Cotemar Mexico understand the need to keep employees comfortable at all times and have become a top supplier of food, laundry, accommodation services on land and at sea.

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Arthur Becker is not only a tech investor, but also a real estate investor! Becker, who is known as a quiet backer in New York City, is the very proud owner of three different townhouses that are adjacent from each other. These townhouses are located in Soho on Sullivan Street. According to Huffington Post, Becker had put an investment into a condominium project and he received this townhouse investment in exchange for his investment. The condominium development is in a neighboring region of these townhouses and is a 16-story, boat shaped building. It is believed that Becker provided as much as $15 million in equity and up to $5 million for the mortgage of this condominium building.

The townhouses that Becker was gifted for his involvement are 6,500 square foot town homes, costing as much as $29.4 million. Becker made investments in one of the townhouses he was gifted, which is where he is currently planning to live. In 2012, the site for the townhouses was purchased and then in September of 2014, the developer was given permission to start the building of four different four-story town homes. Becker has said on nytimes.com that the town homes are not yet complete but when they are he plans to live in one of them while either selling or leasing out the other two that he now owns. The two town homes that Becker plans to sell or lease will most likely be worth quite a bit more due to their large and spacious yards.

Even though Becker (https://www.crunchbase.com/person/arthur-becker#/entity) has had the majority of his career and made the majority of his income from tech investments, he has still invested an amazing number of $500 million into New York Real Estate. Some of the investments Becker has made have been with Property Markets Group and AmBase Corp as well as JDS Development Group. View his Linked In page for more information.

Heideck Knows the Law

Karl Heideck Can Help

Of all of the positions in the legal field, litigation is an area where knowledge, experience and a list of victories make the difference when it comes to finding the right one to represent you. Litigation is the process that a case goes through during deliberation in a lawsuit. Certain procedures are utilized and knowing what to look for might be the key in the process to winning a case. Litigation needs to be fair to all of the parties involved and the steps that are taken are never more important than when you are involved in a case that you need to win. The end result may be a court trial, or the parties may be able to agree on an alternative end to their conflict. Resolving any issue before it reaches litigation is always preferred and saves money for all of the parties involved.

Looking for a litigation attorney in Pennsylvania? Click here.

A litigation attorney presents the sides of a disagreement to the judge on your behave and works to ensure that the case is decided in your favor. Also known as a litigator or trial lawyer, they represent either the defendant or plaintiff in a legal dispute and take care of everything from the beginning steps of the case to any investigation that might be necessary, as well as making a plea and negotiating a settlement in your case. It is important to hire a competent litigation attorney when taking a case to court to make sure that things are resolved the way you desire. Litigation is over once a decision is reached.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney in Jenkintown near the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Of all the qualified legal representatives in Jenkintown and the surrounding areas, Heideck has made himself a name as a well-known litigation attorney who has racked up an impressive list of experience in not only litigation in the court system but also risk management and compliance.

Heideck studied at Swarthmore College with a bachelor of arts in English Language and Literature/Letters, attending from 1999-2003. Heideck also attended Temple University Beasley School of Law from 2000 to 2009. Since finishing law school he has been busy in the legal field in litigation as well as his other specialties of practice.

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One of the most important aspects of an investment bank is the staff that helps to run the daily operations of the bank. Inside an investment bank, one of the most important staff positions is the investment banker. While there are other positions in an investment bank that may hold a higher ranking on the organizational chart, the investment banker is a key position that handles a variety of investment banking tasks.


The investment banker is responsible for assisting clients with their investment banking needs, bringing in new clients, acquiring funding for business deals, completing business deals, and a variety of other tasks related to the operations of investment banks.


One of the challenges that investment bankers face with the position is that the position requires multiple skill sets. Good investment bankers need to be able to handle financial matters, business matters, accounting matters, marketing matters, and various other matters that are uniquely different. This requires people who have a diverse background and skill set.


Laidlaw & Company provides investment banking services that utilize the unique talents of investment bankers. The company provides investment and brokerage services that are targeted to the ideal investment banker client. Laidlaw & Company has been providing investment banking services for over 170 years. The company has a tradition in the investment banking community that covers many generations.


With locations in the United States and Europe, Laidlaw & Company is positioned to help clients across the globe. The company has an outstanding track record regarding helping clients to achieve their banking and investment goals.


I feel that Laidlaw & Company provides a good mix of investment banking services for its clients. The company has a good understanding of the banking industry, and the company works hard to serve its clients. The competition in the investment banking sector is tough, but I think that Laidlaw & Company will continue to do well.