Vintage Auction With Erin Fetherston & Charity:Water

Jean-Louis Scherrer gown on auction now

Designer Erin Fetherston is auctioning off some of her personal vintage apparel with the proceeds going to Charity:Water.

Charity:Water, as you can guess or maybe know, is an organization dedicated to spreading clean water access to proverty-stricken areas of the globe.  The donations are used, 100%, to create solutions such as wells and water sanitation technology.  With the basic human need of water available, communities can spend more time on education, growing food, and other businesses, a.k.a. things everybody should be able to spend time doing!

Check out Fetherston’s website (which was just updated–looks lovely!).  Bidding began last night, so hurry and check out the special items up for grabs.

Embellished Sleeve dress

Gay Gibson dress

P.S. That’s Erin wearing all of her pieces up for auction– beautiful pre-loved vintage worn by a great, contemporary designer.  xx

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