George Soros Now a Target of Russia

George Soros‘ foundation has not been on the good side of Russia. Due to the sanctions put on Russia, the country has decided to put a ban on the Open Society Foundations set up by George Soros. To go along with the ban, Russia has decided to burn all of the books that were related … [Read more…]

The Professor: Igor Cornelsen’s World of Business

Just about every family in Brazil has someone who owns their own business, usually in the retail sales arena. Throw a rock and you will hit a fount of sagely administered business advice. It seems that all South Americans have plenty of unsolicited advice to purvey, private jewels that they claim to live by, and … [Read more…]

Studies Proving Men Want To Look Better

In the world of fashion, women have always ruled the industry. Ordinary women always wanted to dress well whenever they left the house. In today’s generation, statistics are showing that men are dressing better and better. Not only are they finding better looking clothes, but they are also looking for ways to accessorize. Through the … [Read more…]

Bruce Levenson Donates $5.6 Million to the University of Maryland

In a move to encourage budding philanthropists of tomorrow, Bruce and Karen Levenson have donated $5.6 million to the University of Maryland’s Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. With a huge boost in funding from the Levenson’s gift, students can continue to receive cutting edge learning in philanthropy and nonprofit business. The program offers students … [Read more…]

Information and Benefits of Assisted Living

Many seniors are choosing assisted living these days and for good reasons. Assisted living is considered by many to be the best of both worlds. Residents in assisted living facilities are independent but can also receive personal care and support services, should they need them. Assisted living facilities are designed to provide residents with the … [Read more…]