Bruce Levenson Donates $5.6 Million to the University of Maryland

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In a move to encourage budding philanthropists of tomorrow, Bruce and Karen Levenson have donated $5.6 million to the University of Maryland’s Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. With a huge boost in funding from the Levenson’s gift, students can continue to receive cutting edge learning in philanthropy and nonprofit business. The program offers students the chance to gain skills and experience that will help them shape their communities as future leaders. With a hands-on curriculum, the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership provides opportunities to not only make an impact in the United States, but other parts of the globe as well. A recent program in India tasked students with helping the disabled, youth outreach, and wildlife preservation efforts in the region. Another opportunity that allows students to get involved is The Do Good Challenge. The university community comes together in competition to brainstorm ideas on social change, and the Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership funds the event. The Center also prepares students for careers in the nonprofit sector. After graduation, many degree holders head for jobs in nearby Washington, D.C. These graduates are armed with a unique skill set in understanding social issues. The hope is that these Maryland grads can tackle the problems of tomorrow by forming nonprofits that benefit our world. The Levensons are active philanthropists for many causes. The contributions they have made have benefited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, I Have a Dream Foundation, Seed Foundation, Hoop Dreams Scholarship, Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Bringing the Lessons Home program, and Seeds of Peace. The full, original article can be found on PR Newswire at:

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