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The brand Fabletics which is a subsidiary of JustFab was officially launched in October 2013 but was established by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in July of 2013. The Fabletics brand was originally an online subscription retailer which in September of 2015 launched its first brick and mortar store. The brand has big dreams to open a further 75-100 shops in order to cater to the demand. The brand is also going global giving people on other continents a chance to wear what their idol Kate Hudson is wearing.

Fabletics announced that on April 12th they will be launching their first swim wear line with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. This is however not the only news in the pipeline as Fabletics will also be launching a dress line. Kate Hudson told Elite Daily that she had been very excited to create the swim wear line and that her team worked tirelessly to make the new lines as sexy and stylish as possible. The Fabletics brand is all about comfort and style allowing women to wear their active wear when they do their daily chores and just want to feel comfortable but still look stylish according to a reporter from Wikipedia.

The Fabletics online subscription service allows the customer to start of with a full ensemble that includes a top and bottom piece or various other combinations, for a minor $25 and then the company charges $50 from the months onwards allowing customers to choose custom outfits. The customer also has the choice of opting out on certain months if they feel they are happy with the clothes they have already obtained.

Fabletics was originally created to challenge Nike and Lululemon but making active wear more affordable to the general public. Kate Hudson believed that this was a market niche and that the majority of active wear on the market was overpriced and not of a good quality. This is what she wanted to change with Fabletics. More affordable to the average consumer in up to date styles and trends thanks to Kate’s good fashion sense and the team of professionals at Fabletics – source: