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Darius Fisher, President and Co-founder of Status Labs, has been given a prestigious award for his work in Online Reputation Management for the PR World Awards Business Development Individual of the Year for 2016. This coveted PR World Awards program encompasses many fields, including public relations, marketing, corporate communications, and investor relations. Under his leadership, Status Labs has grown 939% from 2012-2015. This growth has what caused him to be recognized by such an honorable award.

Fisher improved Status Labs‘ position by creating new service offerings and helping to build a world class client base with companies and individuals from Fortune 500 companies. His skills and abilities have created a cutting edge public relations firm and online reputation management firm that sets the example for the industry. He feels this award is an honor in such a field where there are so many top leading examples. Fisher attributes some of his success to his motivation of employees. He rewards them through incentives and recognition, because they are the key to a company’s success. He will be honored at the ceremony being held in San Francisco.

Status Labs is headquartered in Austin with additional offices in San Paolo and New York. It is an online reputation firm that helps with increasing a brand’s digital reputation to image management repair. Their goal is to help their clients look their best in their search results and maintain the online reputation they want. The firm offers the following services: online reputation management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and many more tailored to a company or individual look their best online. Status Labs is one of the leading firms in the fast growing field of online reputation management. Darius Fisher won that prestigious award through his hard work in this field and paving the way for creative solutions.

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