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One of the issues that have to be addressed and taken action is the development of Africa as a whole. One of the most successful entrepreneurs and billionaires in Africa and the world is famously known as Isabel dos Santos. The woman has been notable in the industry that we live in today because of her successful business endeavors as well as multiple contributions to various locations in Africa and all throughout the world. Recently, she has been at the European Parliament regarding the possible emerging technological advancements in Africa.


A Successful Career

Isabel dos Santos is currently the chairwoman of the biggest telecommunications company in Angola known as Unitel. Her remarkable presence in the operation and refinement of Africa regarding its infrastructures and critical areas for development have greatly influenced and impacted the country. Additionally, the hard work and dedication of Isabel dos Santos have been recognized by the whole world and other industries. She has been empowering people in terms of education, construction, and managing finances. She graduated from King’s College in London where she studied electrical engineering and eventually became the primary focus and objective of her interest in technology.

The recent meeting of Isabel dos Santos and the European Parliament has revolved around the several aspects of telecommunications, agriculture, environmental impact, digital technology, economic growth, and so on. She gave them information regarding the present issues and concerns about the development of Africa during our modern era. They talked about how technology can affect the agriculture of Africa and how it can support their efforts in developing it. She stated facts about how advancements in technology can be applied to the diversification of their economy that could benefit all people, not just those who are currently involved in the industry of agriculture and technology. Isabel dos Santos knew that investing in technology could enhance and boost their benefits even in the short and long run. She also stated that the country needs to get its people to familiarize with technology and help them understand in utilizing it in order for its economy to develop and flourish.

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