This Shoe: Coclico

Klucia coat/ebony shoe from Spring 2012 Collection

Have you heard of Coclico (‘coquelicot’ in French= poppy flower)?  It’s a wonderful shoe brand by the duo Sandra Canselier and Lisa Nading.  Their shoes have that classy European-chic style, yet are so fresh and unique.

The company launched in 2000, and their shoes continue to bring artisan flair to the international shoe market.  Hand-crafted in Mallorca (Spain), Coclico shoes are made with “finely tuned lasts, quality footbeds, artisanal leathers in signature hues, and uniquely sculptural heels”.

Aside from producing absolutely gorgeous footwear, Coclico is dedicated to being a sustainable brand.  From choosing materials such as primarily veg-tanned leather and properly harvested wood and cork, to purchasing carbon offset credits from Native Energy, Coclico proves they are an earth-friendly shop.  Check out their website and blog to read the additional information that makes Coclico a truly unique, responsible, and modern name in shoes.

Natalia shoe

olimpia grado high heel

pristi acero shoe

That Shoe: Liebling

I first discovered shoe company Liebling through the  Oh Joy  a little more than a year ago and am still obsessed.  Made in Israel in small quantities, these beauties sing of another era, yet are ephemeral in design.

The brand has only one store, in Tel Aviv, but you can purchase the shoes online.  I can’t wait for the Fall 2012 collection!

This shoe- Repetto

If you love yourself a good flat, chance are you’ll love Repettos.  The iconic Parisian shoe brand was created by Rose Repetto in 1947 ( a good year- The House of Dior was also opened).  Repetto’s son, Roland Petit, begged his ‘maman’ for a store full of ballet shoes… and so his wish was granted.

Repetto’s first ad (1952)

Repetto was transformed from professional ballet wear (slippers and pointe) into a comfy shoe that took to the streets.  In 1956 (another good year-my mom was born)  Brigitte Bardot wore the brand’s <<Cendrillon>> or ‘Cinderella’ flats in Roger Vadim’s film <<Et Dieu créa la femme>>, “And God Created Woman”.  Soon after, all the world’s prima ballerinas were shopping at Mme. Repetto’s first shop (opened in 1959).

BB wearing her ‘Cendrillons’ in “And God Created Woman”

In the 1970s, Serge Gainsbourg finds a perfect fit with Repetto’s ‘Zizi’, a shoe made for the dancer Zizi Jeanmaire.  Gainsbourg becomes a sort of ambassador for the company.

M. Gainsbourg in his ‘Zizi’s’

The founder, Mme. Repetto, died in 1984 and the company experienced a downfall in sales.  In 1999, Repetto was bought by Jean-Marc Gaucher (former head of Reebok’s in France).  Finally, the company’s original vision was salvaged and brought up-to-date.  Designers from the past 15 years to have collaborated with Repetto include Chanel, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Issey Miyake.

Comme des garçons collab with Repetto

The company still makes shoes for professional dancers using the traditional methods.  Yet, we see everyone from actors to designers to heads of state donning the iconic ballet flats.

Kate Moss in Repettos

A pregnant Sophia Coppola in Repettos

A pile of Repetto dance shoes. Pretty pretty.