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Anthony Petrello runs a large corporation in Nabors Industries that has to constantly stay ahead in technology developments in order to succeed in the oil drilling industry. Nabors Industries is also publicly-traded and Petrello has to maintain good investor relations in addition to spearheading project developments.

Petrello is compensated quite well for his efforts in $1.58 million in base salary and $27.5 million in total worth. But a good bit of that money is also given away to charity at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Petrello became involved with the TCH because his daughter is a victim of cerebral palsy. He and his wife Cynthia Petrello had no treatment options that could cure their daughter, but they did get to know Dan and Jan Duncan who started a neurological research institute at TCH. Anthony Petrello was impressed with the special doctors doing work at that institute that he dedicated $7 million to research and called on others to do the same.

Anthony Petrello has been in the oil industry since 1991, but before that he studied advanced mathematics and practiced law. His studies at Yale University were spent under Serge Lange, an advanced mathematics professor who made many discoveries of modern-day algebra. Petrello got his J.D. at Harvard University and then began practicing corporate law at Baker & McKenzie in New York City. He specialized in corporate taxes and regulatory compliance and helped various corporations find loopholes for operations. Nabors Industries sought his expertise for their company, so after 13 years at the firm he joined Nabors Industries Board of Executives as Chief Operating Officer.

Find more about Tony Petrello at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries

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