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Jennifer Walden MD, based in the Austin area, is a distinguished plastic surgeon with 21 years of experience offering first class techniques and commitment to the highest quality of care. One only has to check patients’ reviews of their experience with Dr. Walden to realize how pleased her clients are with her work and the entire experience with staff. Her average patient ratings are excellent. Patients have commented on how Dr. Walden has delivered the results they wanted and even exceeded expectations. Plastic surgery is an art, and not every surgeon has the talent to produce results which look natural and not just generic.

Many patients come to Dr. Walden for revision surgery after disappointment with previous surgery which had undesirable outcomes. One of Dr. Walden’s patients came to have a very complicated breast revision and found her experience with Dr. Walden could not have been better. Aside from being a good listener and understanding what the client wanted, Dr. Walden was meticulous and a perfectionist in her work. Another Patient who had survived pancreatic cancer and had also lost her husband decided to do something positive for herself and came to Dr. Walden.

She commented on how Dr. Walden had made her beautiful again and had given her a life-changing experience after so much suffering. One patient pointed out in a review that her primary care physician was so impressed with the results of Dr. Walden’s work that she is now referring her patients to Dr. Walden. Many clients who turned to Dr. Walden did so because of all the positive feedback they received after researching plastic surgery options. Word of mouth, nowadays easily found online, is often the best way to find the excellent options, and Dr. Walden’s expertise is lauded by so many writing reviews about their work.